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    Welcome! :-)
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  5. Application

    Welcome! :D
  6. Application

    Heya Tim! Uru is alright I guess so if he thinks you are ok then well ok :) Welcome.
  7. Application

    Hey Tim! Welcome :D
  8. Application

    Hey Tim! Look forward to playing some games bud, you'll have to put up with my occasional bad Swedish though 😄
  9. Korath Application

    These colour schemes will take a while to get used too :p .. had black background for some years hehehe !! and welcome btw just a picture test below
  10. Application

    Hi and welcome! A friend of Uru is a friend of ours. Make yourself at home :)
  11. Real name: Tim Bauer Gaming name: Skai Location: Sweden Age: 28 Games played: Starcraft, Diablo(1,2,3), CS, WoW, NOLF, Bioshock to name a few. Currently only playing Destiny2 Referral: I'm sitting next to Uruloke everyday at work which I also play Destiny2 with. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a friendly gamer who likes to play computer games with other friendly gamers and hopefully I can contribute with some positive spirit. :) Hope to see you in game! /Skai
  12. Korath Application

    Woohoo access at last! Love the new site :D
  13. Korath Application

    Welcome to DL!
  14. Korath Application

    Thanks Say. Sounded friendly enough last night. All good to join discord and stuff. For what it's worth; Welcome!
  15. Real Name: Leon Pritchard Gaming Name: Korath (or some variation of it - Koraths, Korathis) Location: London, UK Age: 31 Games: Urrr at the moment WoW, D3, PUBG, BF4 Referral: RL friend of Say Why: Well been told you are a good bunch and its always nice to have a group to jump on discord and have people to play with... oh and current d3 season is very lonely atm (Say: Posting this for him as registering new accounts at the moment is turned off, but it's nice to have a bit of info about new applicants)
  16. LAN streaming LIVE

    Not at the LAN? Missing out on the action? Pining for drunkeness and stupidity? Then do we have the solution for you? Twitch is LIVE!
  17. Application!

  18. Application!

    awwwwwwww little Gyno, so very nice of you to join us.
  19. Application!

    Very much welcome bud!
  20. Application!

    It's about damn time! Welcome to the fun house!
  21. Application!

    Hey! :)
  22. Application!

  23. Application!

  24. Application!

    Hi Gordon. Welcome to the forums. I'd grant access but I don't have access to a desktop at the moment. I'll sort it tonight. Another admin may beat me to it but they have day jobs too ;) [Edit]: All done!
  25. Application!

    has an admin actually seen this thread yet ?? and welcome m8
  26. Application!

    Thank you for the welcomes :)
  27. Application!

    Come on in!
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