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    Hope you have had a great day :)

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  4. Happy Birthday Huds!!  Hope you have had a good day :)

  5. cracking new profile pick and cover photo mate

  6. Pinkpanther

    Welcome to the legion
  7. Pinkpanther

  8. Pinkpanther

    Yo dude! great to have you onboard.
  9. Pinkpanther

    Welcome! :D
  10. Pinkpanther

    Yes that was me and roger roger will do 😁
  11. Pinkpanther

    Welcome, I assume you were the pink who joined and left the Discord server yesterday? if its you join again and ping a mod to make you a member.
  12. Pinkpanther

    Welcome pinkpanther, zibber is lovely isn't he! Have a look around, make yourself at home. Join us on Discord!
  13. Pinkpanther

    Real name: Luke Gaming name: pinkpanther (Mike wazowski) Location: UK nrofolk Age: 29 Games played: bf1,bf3,bf4, csgo, pubg, cod, arma 2/3 mods, rust, space engineers, life is fudal, ark, dayz, the division, wildlands, fallout series, raceroom, forza, euro truck simulator, eve online, assassin creed series, rocket league, lol, dota, Argo, left 4 dead, and alot more I can't think off Referral: through the lovely zibber Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Active friendly player of games willing to try any game and work towards team goals! And help teaching new players
  14. Application

    Welcome to DL
  15. Application

    Welcome! :-)
  16. Application

    Heya Tim! Uru is alright I guess so if he thinks you are ok then well ok :) Welcome.
  17. Application

    Hey Tim! Welcome :D
  18. Application

    Hey Tim! Look forward to playing some games bud, you'll have to put up with my occasional bad Swedish though 😄
  19. Korath Application

    These colour schemes will take a while to get used too :p .. had black background for some years hehehe !! and welcome btw just a picture test below
  20. Application

    Hi and welcome! A friend of Uru is a friend of ours. Make yourself at home :)
  21. Real name: Tim Bauer Gaming name: Skai Location: Sweden Age: 28 Games played: Starcraft, Diablo(1,2,3), CS, WoW, NOLF, Bioshock to name a few. Currently only playing Destiny2 Referral: I'm sitting next to Uruloke everyday at work which I also play Destiny2 with. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a friendly gamer who likes to play computer games with other friendly gamers and hopefully I can contribute with some positive spirit. :) Hope to see you in game! /Skai
  22. Korath Application

    Woohoo access at last! Love the new site :D
  23. Korath Application

    Welcome to DL!
  24. Korath Application

    Thanks Say. Sounded friendly enough last night. All good to join discord and stuff. For what it's worth; Welcome!
  25. Real Name: Leon Pritchard Gaming Name: Korath (or some variation of it - Koraths, Korathis) Location: London, UK Age: 31 Games: Urrr at the moment WoW, D3, PUBG, BF4 Referral: RL friend of Say Why: Well been told you are a good bunch and its always nice to have a group to jump on discord and have people to play with... oh and current d3 season is very lonely atm (Say: Posting this for him as registering new accounts at the moment is turned off, but it's nice to have a bit of info about new applicants)
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