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    Woohoo access at last! Love the new site :D
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    Real name: Tim Bauer Gaming name: Skai Location: Sweden Age: 28 Games played: Starcraft, Diablo(1,2,3), CS, WoW, NOLF, Bioshock to name a few. Currently only playing Destiny2 Referral: I'm sitting next to Uruloke everyday at work which I also play Destiny2 with. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a friendly gamer who likes to play computer games with other friendly gamers and hopefully I can contribute with some positive spirit. :) Hope to see you in game! /Skai
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    Happy Birthday Uru! Hope you have had a good day :)
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    Happy Birthday Huds!! Hope you have had a good day :)
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    cracking new profile pick and cover photo mate