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    @ Fionny:
    Not that I know of, its big but its not ungainly like the Galaxy note which are just crazy 28 August at 09:36 PM
    @ Miganto:
    Are there plans for a smaller version?  I would definitely buy a 'mini' version of this 28 August at 08:57 PM
    @ Fionny:
    They are great phones Tackle top specs 28 August at 07:03 PM
    @ TackleVille:
    €299 for a phone? just within my range! Never heard of it before though. I'll keep this one in mind if I consider buying one! 28 August at 06:43 PM
    @ Fionny:
    Nice one :) Should be a few OTA updates waiting for you 28 August at 06:42 PM
    @ Obliter8:
    Mine came today!!! ww000000tt! 28 August at 06:21 PM
    @ Hel:
    ahh okies. 27 August at 05:05 PM
    @ Fionny:
    I was inc postage (express) sorry 27 August at 02:51 PM
    @ Hel:
    £269. I assume you're seeing it in Euros. Close though ;) 27 August at 02:00 PM
    @ Fionny:
    Invite is gone now but think on it for the next time I get one... it costs 279GBP 27 August at 01:00 PM
    @ Hel:
    Yeh really tempted but... I dunno... 27 August at 12:29 PM
    @ Lexx:
    If I could afford a new phone I'd be up for that :) 27 August at 12:10 PM
    @ Fionny:
    a One Plus One phone (to buy one) 26 August at 08:58 PM
    @ Leo:
    invite for what...? 26 August at 08:37 PM
    @ Fionny:
    1x One Plus One invite up for grabs, limited time... pm if you want it. 26 August at 07:40 PM
    @ Miganto:
    Aye, my cpu is the bottleneck, so taking that out of the picture makes for smooth streaming :) 25 August at 10:08 PM
    @ Fuzz:
    Back on again, and much more stable using Action.  Good shoud Mig!  http://www.twitch.tv/dl_fuzz 25 August at 09:17 PM
    @ Fuzz:
    Cheers mate, will give Action a go a bit later this evening.  Been using Xsplit so far, and I think the problem may have been the encoding compression rather than ym connection 25 August at 07:48 PM
    @ Miganto:
    There are programs that encode on the fly using your GPU rather than CPU - for games like LoL that'll help - I use Action for mine, I think OBS does it too 25 August at 07:13 PM
    @ Fuzz:
    Oh, it's scaled down already, but it needs to compress my entire desktop before encoding.  I've got about 3mb up 25 August at 06:56 PM
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