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    @ Tsamurai6:
    nevermind, fixed it 28 February at 02:11 PM
    @ Tsamurai6:
    anyone around here know C programming and weighted least squares fitting? 28 February at 01:48 PM
    @ Vasquez:
    He's dead, Jim! 27 February at 07:10 PM
    @ Locke:
    Pen and Paper RPG meeting in 5 minutes guys who are playing, don't forget! Also RIP Mr Spock. 27 February at 06:55 PM
    @ Lexx:
    :( Whaaat? 27 February at 06:53 PM
    @ Tipner:
    Awful news :( Live long and prosper Mr. Nimoy! 27 February at 06:33 PM
    @ Myty舞久:
    Mr.Spock just died :'( 27 February at 05:36 PM
    @ Tsamurai6:
    Should see him late at night, could fall asleep at your keyboard and he'd still be talking to you when you wake up 27 February at 01:26 AM
    @ Miganto:
    (we were but you ruined it!) 25 February at 07:37 PM
    @ Hel:
    (let's see how long Kira will keep talking to himself). 25 February at 06:07 PM
    @ kira:
    it's on like donkey cong! 25 February at 06:03 PM
    @ kira:
    2hours 9mins 25 February at 03:50 PM
    @ kira:
    @ Dedrater:
    Thought as much, cheers Fionny. 25 February at 12:54 PM
    @ Fionny:
    No such thing, but you do have the wonderful and cross functional options of Skype, Hangouts and many other fully functional fully crossfunctional options 25 February at 11:59 AM
    @ Dedrater:
    Anyone know a Facetime compatible Android App? I'm assuming Apple have the protocal locked down. 25 February at 11:52 AM
    @ soul:
    i did brougt 3 more tickets for friday and the 1 pound left i brought a instant scratch card and won another fiver so got 2 more tickets  :0 25 February at 11:44 AM
    @ kira:
    7 fucking hours!! 25 February at 11:43 AM
    @ Fionny:
    But if you reinvest it again you never know :P 25 February at 11:39 AM
    @ soul:
    cant retire on £7.00 lol 25 February at 09:44 AM
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