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    @ WolfLordAndy:
    Was that the time with me Raf? I've only done lvl 5 doombots so far, beat em, no problem XD 24 July at 11:41 AM
    @ Hel:
    ah right, that was random! 23 July at 01:37 PM
    @ LighT_Sh4v0r:
    @Hel: League of Legends ;). @Rafen: yeah me too, but I failed the lvl 1 bots the first time because there's no matchmaking and my team was useless 23 July at 11:03 AM
    @ Hel:
    Btw, I've completed the wing, but still not sure what the doombots are ;) 23 July at 10:32 AM
    @ Hel:
    doombots of doom? 23 July at 10:29 AM
    @ DrRafen:
    First time, basically just split push the entire time, they dont react properly. 23 July at 10:26 AM
    @ LighT_Sh4v0r:
    Anyone else beaten doombots of doom lvl 5 yet? 23 July at 08:40 AM
    @ Miganto:
    2nd boss was tricky on my paladin, so switched to the rogue and beat her down before her hero-ability hurt too much =) 22 July at 10:35 PM
    @ Tuatha:
    I got on to it no problem did the first boss but I cannot beat the second one :( only tried her twice with my priest and once with my pally decks 22 July at 09:54 PM
    @ Hel:
    Been playing all evening, did the update to play Naxx and now everytime i get into a game it disconnects. Seems like a buggy client to me. I can still connect on my ipad because i've not updated. 22 July at 09:42 PM
    @ Miganto:
    nvm - servers seem to be dead now ;) 22 July at 06:46 PM
    @ Miganto:
    Seems I can play it now, very odd :) 22 July at 06:08 PM
    @ Hel:
    23rd in Europe. Of course we have to wait a day... 18 July at 10:52 AM
    @ Hel:
    Hearthstone Naxx releases on July 22nd! 18 July at 10:52 AM
    @ Tsamurai6:
    Accidentally tapped a macro key and got locked out of twitch chat for 8 hours XD 17 July at 02:27 AM
    @ AgrippA:
    Halzet - i would *NEVER* lose track of those gems 16 July at 07:24 PM
    @ Miganto:
    PoisonPea is a witchdoctor - she asked me 2 days ago if I had a sore throat, I didn't.  Today I do... 16 July at 07:18 PM
    @ Halzet:
    30 gig of spice girls, s club seven, steps, one direction and barney the dinosaur... 16 July at 05:52 PM
    @ AgrippA:
    just found my old MP3 folder ... 30 gig of music i had totally forgotten about!  happy days 16 July at 04:19 PM
    @ Fionny:
    I'dve gawked if I did that I reckon 15 July at 08:23 PM
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