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    @ Lexx:
    BF4 anyone? 26 March at 08:08 PM
    @ Fionny:
    seems to be 26 March at 03:14 PM
    @ Tuatha:
    I say that would be some craic, and this is the dublin international games music festival right? 26 March at 02:54 PM
    @ Fionny:
    See Blizzard are doing a "Games Music Festival" in Dublin soon... 26 March at 02:30 PM
    @ Lexx:
    <3 26 March at 12:36 PM
    @ Locke:
    back in business kira? 26 March at 11:21 AM
    @ kira:
    lexx love you long time! 26 March at 10:01 AM
    @ Fionny:
    No good for upfront costs... I just cant see youtube filling that kind of role right now to be honest. Youtube productions smack of amatuer to me 26 March at 08:05 AM
    @ Lexx:
    Unless you count ad-revenue as a budget 25 March at 06:08 PM
    @ Fionny:
    perhaps... but google doesnt really give budgets etc... do they 25 March at 05:15 PM
    @ Lexx:
    (for the better) 25 March at 04:34 PM
    @ Lexx:
    Probably not a popular opinion but Youtube is far from the platform it used to be 25 March at 04:34 PM
    @ Lexx:
    They could break the show into a new format - where each feature is a standalone video - the ad revenue and exposure would be insane 25 March at 04:32 PM
    @ Lexx:
    Tbh, Youtube 25 March at 04:32 PM
    @ Fionny:
    Oh Netflix would be good alright. 25 March at 04:18 PM
    @ Locke:
    Yup, rumours are Sky or Netflix. Netflix would be ace. Bigger budget and still would make money! 25 March at 04:14 PM
    @ Fionny:
    From the sounds of it James May might bugger off too and I assume Hammond also. 25 March at 03:59 PM
    @ Locke:
    Goodbye Jezza :'( 25 March at 03:54 PM
    @ Fionny:
    You can get it for 19GBP but not 7, thats just for new customers 25 March at 01:32 PM
    @ Hel:
    If you're a current prime subscriber, you can still get it for that price I believe. 25 March at 01:09 PM
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