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    @ Tsamurai6:
    lol calm down Vader 02 September at 04:35 PM
    @ Lexx:
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 02 September at 04:08 PM
    @ Vasquez:
    Rumours counter earlier rumours that rumoured that GTA V for PC might be delayed until 2015. http://l.gamespot.com/1nvfQMv 02 September at 03:28 PM
    @ Halzet:
    If you set up your computer properly, you didn't even need to get out of bed. :) 01 September at 02:24 PM
    @ HudsonLv426:
    Age the ultimate mmo killer! Things where so much simpler when the only concern was getting out of bed :( 01 September at 11:51 AM
    @ Fuzz:
    I struggle to find enough time as I'd want to MMO's too Hula, and I don't even have a wee 'un to look after! 01 September at 11:30 AM
    @ Fionny:
    MMO's are totally unforgiving if your time is limited... its annoying. 01 September at 10:59 AM
    @ Hulabell:
    Feeling a bit sad... I've cancelled my Wildstar account. Only because I simply have no time to play and will never get enough time to raid/pvp seriously. This parenting malarky is kinda nuts ;) 01 September at 10:49 AM
    @ Sensei:
    Ty ppls! 01 September at 02:32 AM
    @ TeeDee:
    thx <3 31 August at 07:53 PM
    @ SuperMe:
    HB! 31 August at 03:47 PM
    @ Tipner:
    Happy Birthday chaps! :) 31 August at 11:34 AM
    @ Tuatha:
    Happy Birthday too both of yous! 31 August at 11:01 AM
    @ Lexx:
    Happy Birthday! 31 August at 10:55 AM
    @ TackleVille:
    Happy birthday guys! 31 August at 10:29 AM
    @ TeeDee:
    Never knew we had the same birthday Sensei, Happy Birthday!! 31 August at 08:57 AM
    @ TackleVille:
    Gaming has given us new dimensions these days. 30 August at 09:53 AM
    @ Meurig:
    Nice Tuatha. Ia lready own a PS4 and am in constant consideration of a Xbone as well. On a plus side, I have just pre-ordered a Oculus Rift. If it arrives pre LAN I will bring it along, Can't wait to try my Sim Racing with it! 30 August at 06:45 AM
    @ Tuatha:
    Just bought myself an Xbone and Destiny. only gaming rig im missing now is the wii u 29 August at 09:59 PM
    @ Miganto:
    Bought something from a shop today - the girls name who served me was 'Miggy' - the odds... 29 August at 07:05 PM
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    An El Mexicana stall just opened near work. I expect I'll be broke by the end of next week.

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    Me and my friends embarrassing ourselves to win free stuff >.>http://youtu.be/y_IWPGmRLNg

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