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    @ r4g1nge:
    Poag where the smut at 28 May at 11:44 PM
    @ Obliter8:
    Get yer LAN atmos LIVE 27 May at 11:07 AM
    @ Obliter8:
    Twitch streaming right now! 27 May at 11:07 AM
    @ Vegas:
    Most of us are here at LAN. Pretty much all of us hit traffic :P 26 May at 09:41 PM
    @ TackleVille:
    Have a great LAN! 26 May at 03:01 PM
    @ AgrippA:
    Roads are pandemonium, good luck to those driving to LAN 26 May at 12:35 PM
    @ Tipner:
    @ Fionny:
    Ya enjoy folks 26 May at 09:33 AM
    @ LighT_Sh4v0r:
    Have fun @ Lan everyone! 26 May at 09:22 AM
    @ Fionny:
    The arcade modes at the moment should be fun for a lan setting , loads of custom game settings now 25 May at 11:25 AM
    @ Vegas:
    good shout 24 May at 07:36 PM
    @ AgrippA:
    i suspect :P 24 May at 07:32 PM
    @ AgrippA:
    overwatch just became a Lan game 24 May at 07:32 PM
    @ Fionny:
    Overwatch is free this weekend for anyone who's not tried it 24 May at 07:11 PM
    @ Halzet:
    It's Friday before bank holiday weekend and half-term. There will be traffic. :) 24 May at 06:24 PM
    @ soul:
    off to deal with some 6 year old kicking in a massive window in my school just what i wanted to do this afternoon 24 May at 01:57 PM
    @ soul:
    traffic 24 May at 01:56 PM
    @ soul:
    just hope there is no traffic on friday going to piss me off stuck in any in this heat 24 May at 01:56 PM
    @ Vegas:
    LAN soon. LAN make me happy. 23 May at 07:42 PM
    @ AgrippA:
    Ah ah hahah   you fool!  Dick pics will be winging their way to you any moment now! 18 May at 08:34 PM
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