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    @ Melvyn:
    If anyones with Virgin Media tv/landline/broadband and wants it a bit cheaper send me a message! 25 August at 05:55 PM
    @ Fuzz:
    Quick is an understatement! 25 August at 08:29 AM
    @ AgrippA:
    This weeks Game Done Quick is "Two Worlds", a massive open world Oblivion rip off that can be completed in under 3 minutes.  I would say grab some popcorn but the run is over by the time the corn has popped.  Video in the Games Done Quick Thread 23 August at 08:29 PM
    @ Beanworld of...:
    YAY FOR EVERYONES 20 August at 08:30 AM
    @ Lexx:
    Nice! 19 August at 10:21 PM
    @ Melvyn:
    New jobs abound, I started at virgin last week! 19 August at 08:57 PM
    @ Obliter8:
    sweet, n1! 19 August at 07:31 PM
    @ LighT_Sh4v0r:
    Nice one, congrats :) 19 August at 11:47 AM
    @ Fionny:
    Congratz 19 August at 09:43 AM
    @ AgrippA:
    congratualations! 19 August at 09:10 AM
    @ Tuatha:
    Today is a good day just got a new Job working for GTT 19 August at 09:02 AM
    @ Fionny:
    Makes sense... both EMC and Dell are quite the recognisable names... might have Dell Technologies (formerly EMC) or some such 17 August at 10:30 AM
    @ Fuzz:
    Depends really.  When Orange got bought out by France Telecom, I just left my CV saying "Orange" because people knew it more :P 17 August at 08:19 AM
    @ Fionny:
    Ya I wondered about that, whether youd just change the existing section to the new name. 17 August at 07:14 AM
    @ AgrippA:
    still a new line on the CV 16 August at 04:30 PM
    @ Fionny:
    Well its not a new job, more the company being bought out :P 16 August at 04:21 PM
    @ AgrippA:
    congratulations! 16 August at 04:17 PM
    @ Fionny:
    Looks like I will be a Dell employee by the end of the month (finally) our acquisition should close no thanks to the slow chinese regulators 16 August at 03:23 PM
    @ Fuzz:
    As always, this will be included in my Tuesday night "to-do" list! 16 August at 07:52 AM
    @ AgrippA:
    chek out the Games Done Quick thread for linky 15 August at 10:56 PM
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