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  1. Application - Lemon Sherbit!!

    Welcome! Your name immediately reminded me of the Austin Powers Orange Sherbert scene :D
  2. Application - Toony (Wildstar)

    Hi Toony, aka Toondad ;) Welcome back!
  3. Things to do in RL till Wildstar

    Needs more epic music and deep voice.
  4. Application - Zeyva (Neverwinter)

    Yeah, Acu is a prick like that ;)
  5. Application - Zeyva (Neverwinter)

    Might have enough for a good 5 man team now! :)
  6. Application - Kurj (BF4)

    Oh Hai Kurj! Like Grip says, good lad, played TF2 with him back in the Ci days :)
  7. [PS2] Application - Sandpants

    Welcome aboard :)
  8. Calandris - Planetside 2 application

    Welcome, there is a good chance you played with a number of our older players as we often platooned up with Brutal Deluxe and Armoured Fist back in PS1 days when we were the 58th :)
  9. Application - Sippiecup

  10. Application - EVE Online - Synske

    Hello! This puts us on 2 Americans now! (and one Brit who invaded the US)
  11. Application from myself.

    Welcome! :)
  12. Application - Kurj

    Oh you guys grabbed Sammage did you, he was Ci originally right? I remember being the substitute Scout for a while and got to duo with him :)
  13. Application - Kurj

    This was my thought. Either way, hello!
  14. Forum Access

    Welcome Back! :)
  15. SpacePirateLincoln's App

    Awesome name! Welcome! :)
  16. PS2 Application Hovis

    You'll be happy (or scared) to hear that Pont and Vasquez are still knocking around here as well :)
  17. PS2 Application Hovis

    Hey Hovis! Were you in Renegade Legion in PS1 or Fight Club...? I definately remember playing with you in the old NCWA days! Plenty of us PS1 Vets playing still :)
  18. (League of Legends) - Qillerbee21

    Welcome :) what lanes do you tend to play?
  19. Planetside 2 - Mr. Breeze

    Welcome! I've seen him ease an orbital strike into a platoon of friendlies and devs...