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  1. In that case Toxic can take my place.
  2. Starting as I mean to continue, I cannot make this evening's character creation session (when Natalia Vodianova wants go get a burrito, you go get a fucking burrito). If we are just spending points and picking classes etc I don't think is a problem really. As long as I am a human non-magical class I don't have an enormous preference so I can go with whatever fits. If we are rolling then I can roll later in the evening with someone else and go last in terms of picking class etc. Or you can roll for me and let me pick which stats to put the results into. Perhaps some kind soul with phat Dropboxes could record the session?
  3. Imagining Grip playing a pen and paper RPG over Mumble made me imagine Grip doing the only more awkward thing I can think of, phone sex. And that has made my day. 1) What evening's you are free? Any evening but not until later on, and since these things take a while I would suggest keeping it to Friday nights, any time on Saturday, or during the day on Sundays. 2) What RPG's you'd want to play, (DnD, GoT, Star Wars, BSG, what ever you can find out there)? A Song of Ice and Fire would be my preference (I have .pdfs of the rulebook and all associated material since it is out of print) or the inferior Game of Thrones. Otherwise DnD, Star Wars, Firefly are all good. D20 Modern is super versatile too, a supernatural Wild West anyone? 3) Are there any that you DON'T want to play? I don't see BSG being very compelling. 4) Would you like pre-built campaigns or homebrew? A quick pre-built campaign might be a good warm up but ultimately homebrew, if the quality is hig enough. 5) Would you like it once a fortnight or once a week? Said the bishop to the actress.... Once a week works for me. 6) What sort of time per session would you prefer (min and max lengths please)? Depending on timing. Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday daytime I could play 6 hours if it's good. Sunday night through Thursday night 3 hours max. 7) Strict rules or House rules? 8) Starting at level 1 or a couple of levels higher? Higher.
  4. Retrostyl3r PS2 App.

    Work hard at school! You have a lifetime to waste your time shooting people in video games, only one time to easily get a good education (and on your parent's dime)! /dad
  5. They all know TR are the best really, they're just jealous of our Fascist Flakes.
  6. PS2 isn't the only thing exploding across dl if Locke's face counts.
  7. Thorfn

    Your life up until now: Your life after joining DL: