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  1. Application!

    awwwwwwww little Gyno, so very nice of you to join us.
  2. SWTOR The Force Re-awakens Monday 3/8/15 21:00

    All I have to say to this is... dick fingers
  3. Application - MrHealing

    I saw you online last night, but I wasn't around long enough to pop in. Unfortunately you came in at a point where everyone seemed to be having relatively early nights so mumble was pretty sparse other than some GTAV. I don't know if you're into your WW2 games but, World of Warships has just been released on OBT and a few of us will be jumping on to restart the long road to tier 10. Feel free to jump in and join us!!
  4. Application JellyBean

    popped into the CS:GO channel to say hi but I assume you were AFK. Welcome to DL mate other DL specialties that may interest you are: Smite (this is the best one) BF4 LOL DOTA2 and the occasional spouts of: Diablo 3 Minecraft Chivalry (insert various random MMo's here) Feel free to hop into any channel whenever and make yourself at home! hf gl edit: Has someone blocked my signature :( double edit: fixed it
  5. more PvPers... me likey. Also the new dev speak on raiding has got me swinging back towards pve as well... the raids look redonculous
  6. Application - OriginalDanski

    the main problem for me with neverwinter was I got to max level then they done a roll back because someone was taking advantaging of their auction house and got dropped 10 levels. could never be bother to relevel again. As Huds said, EQN and Wildstar are the major mmo titles to look forward to and you will find a lot of us playing those. There has been some talk of rekindling guild wars 2 for a night or so and having a little look at whats new but I cant see that happening anytime soon. If you have ever played a moba or would just like to try them, we have multiple people playing smite, dota 2 and LoL who would be more than happy to show you the ropes :) Also battlefield 4 beta is still going until the end of the month I believe and we frequently have a few squads worth of guys online so feel free to jump in with us on that, maybe we can help give you a little boost for you pc shooters, everything is more fun in a group :D
  7. Application Lurchh

    too much kappa. trololololol
  8. Application Lurchh

    He's welsh... we don't need anymore
  9. Application - Rilst0ne

    yeah was good to meet you. fun times and all... download smite ennit
  10. Questerial

    In my opinion a perfect addition to DL, stuck it out until we won, stuck to the tactics and put his fair share of ideas forward. The feels when we killed that boss lol, he was one tough cookie. good to have you around mate
  11. Application - Dave

    just to point out regular games being played at the moment, we play: Plaentside 2, LoL, Smite, Neverwinter, Natural Selection 2, Chivalry, Guild wars 2. if you fancy any of them games let us know on the forums and we will get you an invite to the guild/outfit
  12. Application - Dave

    I would just like to point out to you buddy, chivalry is a recent thing for us, we play it at weekends but there isn't much of a turn out for us yet. Our main game we play is planetside, if you like team fighting and fps its probably a good call for you. But I just thought I'd warn you. we are trying to get more people playing chivalry but atm it isn't one of our main focuses. me hudson, meurig, emitz, grendel, leo and pont will be on quite regularily but expect there to only be us for the next few weeks until we get regular players for this game.
  13. Application - Dave

    I approve this application, he absolutely ahnialated me in duels and has provided a bloody good laugh on chat. this lad has potential. welcome Dave
  14. Application: Sapfo

    Playing the piano is always a bonus when joining an online clan, welcome ;)