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  1. cracking new profile pick and cover photo mate

  2. Application

    Heya Tim! Uru is alright I guess so if he thinks you are ok then well ok :) Welcome.
  3. Application!

    Welcome welcome! I'm sure a friendly admin will be along to give you all the access you need. Try not to get too frightened by my forum spam, I'm very ignorable :)
  4. Application :)

    Welcome Welcome! Don't be an asshat and do everything Grendel tells you, good guidelines for life in general but more so here. Do both of those things and I am sure you'll be fine.
  5. Commanderwood666

    I'm not sure he has enough armour to join the guild.
  6. Application, ^Xeno/Xerapin

    Welcome back! WoW and Overwatch seem to be the drains on people time at the moment.- feel free to jump in!
  7. Application

    He likened you to a household toaster, I'm pretty sure we would let him in for that alone.
  8. I actually meant i liked you - you answered the question :)
  9. So... as you are like a medieval warrior how would you take on a Samurai, a Viking and a Maori warrior each in turn -> which would be the toughest to face off against?
  10. SWTOR The Force Re-awakens Monday 3/8/15 21:00

    Another Monday, another boss kill! This week is was the Walker units of Sword Squadron which we crushed underfoot.: Next week we start again and hopefully we will be able to best the Underlurker, the hardest boss in Operations at the moment. There are also some ribbon to go out as well to a few dedicated soldiers of the Empire, details HERE.
  11. SWTOR The Force Re-awakens Monday 3/8/15 21:00

    I have started a thread detailing the Temple of Sacrifice Mechanics HERE. I will update with boss guides as the week goes on and will try to keep it relatively streamlined and sorted by role. Its not required that people read it but it might be helpful, I will still do a rundown explanation on the nights.
  12. SWTOR The Force Re-awakens Monday 3/8/15 21:00

    NOTICE FOR ALL SWTOR PLAYERS: Given that new content will be landing in about 5 weeks what I would like to do is see if we can get a clear on the last remaining level 60 Operation, The Temple of Sacrifice, before the new content hits. So If you are interested in working towards toppling Revan for the final time please please please post in the SWTOR thread, let me know if you can make it next week. I think if Ravagers is anything to go by, its going to take us at least a couple of swings to get it, there are also some extremely tight DPS checks so we need DPSers to bring everything we have. Lets see if we can get this done in the next few weeks, and if we have the people we can begin next Monday at 2030 UK time.