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  1. Application - Dave

    aw'right Dave ! Welcome
  2. Questerial

    Welcome !
  3. Post from Post

    I loved Neocron ! I half recall FanG being on the same server, but not sure. I had the same name in NDA clan. Welcome !
  4. Application - VelvetHelmet

    Welcome ! Makes me think of Timmy Mallet's's Whacaday ! (Sorry..)
  5. Application - SteamTrout

    Welcome Mr Trout !
  6. Ulysees from WASP

    Please remember your bringing dessert for tonight. Maybe a nice freedom Pavlova. Welcome !
  7. Application - ColdvHazard

    Welcome Aron. Hope you enjoyed yourself today !
  8. Application - ReaperSmurf
  9. ErdeiHUN

    "Hey guys we found this spy out in the snow...can we keep him ?" Your :( pulled hard on Mondado's heart strings ! We just couldn't leave you to freeze to death. Welcome !
  10. Application - Kuznetcov

    Pleasure rolling with you last night. Welcome!
  11. Welcome to the good fight.
  12. TheDukeOfBreakfast - Planetside 2 Application

    Dam your avatar.....I could really go for a full english right now... Welcome !
  13. Application - GameVeinz

    I don't think Consortium [CONZ] have an age limit they are a large active clan on Miller. Good luck in your search otherwise.