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  1. Application

    Hi and welcome! A friend of Uru is a friend of ours. Make yourself at home :)
  2. Korath Application

    Thanks Say. Sounded friendly enough last night. All good to join discord and stuff. For what it's worth; Welcome!
  3. Application!

    Hi Gordon. Welcome to the forums. I'd grant access but I don't have access to a desktop at the moment. I'll sort it tonight. Another admin may beat me to it but they have day jobs too ;) [Edit]: All done!
  4. Application :)

    I dont recall grendel ever having accountability. You might be the first. Interesting thought... :P
  5. Commanderwood666

    Cool! Welcome. Be friendly, have fun yadda yadda. :P
  6. Spups

    Ah fair enough. No issues. No need for a trial if you're already playing alongside the guys. Just be friendly, have fun, make yourself aware of our very simple rules (the guys can explain if needed) and everything is awesome. Welcome :)
  7. Spups

    Hey Spups thanks for your application. Mostly seems OK except for your referral. I have no idea who Le Cruix is. Do you know their forum name?
  8. Application: Boba48

    Hi Boba and welcome to the forums. Your Dad gave us the heads up so there's no issues with your application. We've already explained this to the old man and it pretty goes without saying that everyone here, for the moment at least, is far older than you. I'm not about to say young adults don't know any naughty words or are oblivious to the world's vices, but I do have to tell you that sometimes conversation and behaviour in dl can devolve into 'pub talk'. Your maturity will be measured on your ability to communicate and behave within the limits of our one simple rule for all members: Don't be a dickhead. I'm sure you'll be fine though :) Welcome to digital legion, and I look forward to flying with you in alpha 2.6!
  9. Application: Silica

    Hey Silica, welcome! Finally sorted that app eh?
  10. Application, ^Xeno/Xerapin

    Hi mate, good to see you :)
  11. Heya, thanks for dropping by. Always good to have contacts from other communities. Sorry that you'll be putting up with some our more insufferable members though... :P
  12. Application

    I didn't expect any of Zibber's mates to sign up because I didn't believe he had any. It's OK if you're just using him to get into dl. You can even "unfriend" him now if you like.
  13. Carty for lan :D

    I'd like to be able to lay claim to bringing him back by some epic means, but he didn't need much convincing. Something like: Hey man, coming to LAN? Sure. Cool.
  14. Carty for lan :D

    Nice one mate :) Will be great to see you. Added you to members group. Signups are here: Cheers!
  15. Application

    Hi mate, welcome to our website. Your application is absolutely fine, but it would be good to know who referred you to us :) It's a good time to be joining us with the release of overwatch because it's going to be very popular with our community.
  16. Application :D

    Ah, fenestration. Are you a proper engineer or are you one of those morose fellas at the exit to tescos handing out leaflets for Windows and doors? :P
  17. Application :D

    You're marked as a Triallist for the first few weeks whilst we get to know you, after this period an admin will have a word to see how you're getting on. Please feel free to browse and post in the forums, and dont forget to jump onto Discord (the link can currently be found in Melvin's sig which turn can be found in practically every thread ever started :P). I would also ask that you make sure your name is the same on them forums, in Discord and in game. At least while we get to know you. It's proving hard to get to know people otherwise.
  18. Application :D

    Hi and welcome. Soul and Melv are on-point. Tell us some more :)
  19. Hi Daniel, welcome to our site. Your application is a tad short though. Is there more you can tell us about yourself? You're applying to join a community of likeminded people after all, so it would be good to have more to go on.
  20. Sovereign application

    I forgot we gave you mod status Fuzzy. I suppose I'll mention you to new recruits too - assuming Adam or Huds doesn't beat me to it, as usual.
  21. Sovereign application

    Hey Sov, Good to see you here, thanks for dropping by :) At DL we're like-minded people (for the most part!). Take some time over the next couple of weeks to see what you think of the place. Everyone here is here because they're good people and we like to keep it that way. All you have to do is be friendly - there's no requirement for playing often or even being any good at it. Details of our mumble server are around here somewhere (try to make your in-game name the same as your mumble forum name until people know you better). If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone. If you need to speak with an Admin then you can get a fairly quick reply from myself, Hudson, Lexx, and Obliter8. You can also speak with the likes of Hel, Tipner and Steffrees who are among the most active and helpful people around. Welcome!
  22. LAN Winners!

    We'll done chaps. If you can't figure out what to spend your steam credit on then why not gift it to me? Just a thought...
  23. Application - MrHealing

    Hi MrHealing, Welcome to our forums! Unfortunately our Planetside days are pretty much gone. Aside from the odd game here and there I fear you'd be running solo most of the time. Our main games right now are the Battlefield series, Heroes of the Storm, and GTA5. If you're looking for a good outfit in PS2 I'd suggest heading over to our good friends at WASP - I think they're still active. However if you're interested in our current pool of games then by all means lets talk some more :)