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    Get away from my profile you filthy commoner.
  1. Say

    A clever idiot. I approve.
  2. Tuna (Dota2)

    Because this is the introduction forum? Also, new accounts can't access the other forums.
  3. Tuna (Dota2)

    He's not applying to join the clan, he's just saying hello.
  4. Tuna (Dota2)

    Been meaning to get you to play with us for ages, only just got around to it :D Tuna used to run a very successful CS:S 60-man Zombie Mod server back in the day (Was #1 in the UK and #8 in the world or something if I remember correctly?) and now here we are. https://www.flickr.c...in/photostream/
  5. Application - Lite

    I can think of a sizable list of regulars on the Planetside & GW2 channels who fit that description. (I.E. people who literally just post once or twice in an "application" and never come back, never play other games or be "a part of the community").