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  1. I can also vouch for him. For once, a PUG turned up something useful. ;) Good player, good guy.
  2. The Mighty, Lovable, Lonvir!

    Aiming this at anyone in particular, Calamity? ;) Welcome, Lonvir! I'll be sure to come your way for tips on my Necro, when I feel like taking a break from the whole 'ferocious Charr' thing.
  3. Db Application

    GOD DAMN IT, CALE. Welcome!
  4. Application - Finndor - GW2

    Welcome! Believe we were alongside you in WvW last night - fear not, there's more to come, and hopefully with more visible enemies too! :P
  5. Innocent type? No comment. :)
  6. That explains it then! Just wasn't sure because it was the only forum besides Applications and Announcements that I could see. :P
  7. Thanks everyone. Just thought I'd mention that I can already see the GW2 forum as a recruit - just in case I shouldn't be able to yet. :P
  8. Oh, don't worry about that. You'll get to know both of us soon enough. I'll tell him to get on the forums too. :)
  9. Hi there Hulabell, Actually a friend of a friend - Chilledflame who I moved with is a friend of Sitrie's - he was sure the two of us would get on like a house on fire, and judging from last night, I'm fairly confident of it myself. I look forward to seeing you in Tyria!
  10. Well, if that notion comes, I'll probably be there waiting. As for PS2, it might be that I get it to come along on some guild events at least. I'm not the best FPS player out there, but group stuff is always good fun regardless.
  11. GW2 was that title for me. Before that I had been almost exclusively console gaming for weeks. Wasn't even looking forward to it that much until the first stress test I took part in about a week before release. PS2 looked interesting. I would look in to it more if I wasn't otherwise occupied. :P
  12. That's a shame, though I can't say anything more than what was mentioned in the topic - groups help, and each to their own. :)
  13. Thank you for the welcome. :) Fionny - I was having a look around the forums a bit and saw you weren't enjoying GW2 to begin with. How did you find the Warrior in the end?
  14. Real name: Ben Waugh Gaming name: Waughmonger Location: Surrey, U.K. Games played: At the moment, it's all GW2, all the time. In the past, I've played all sorts, the most prevalent, at least in terms of MMOs, being World of Warcraft, and more recently, Rift, before moving on to Guild Wars 2. There are others - I've tried just about any MMO I could think of, but I won't drag it out here, since most were just a few hours, if that. Referral: Chilledflame and I switched to Gandara to join Sitrie last night. Transfer rapidly followed by a dungeon run with him and two others, which ran smoother than any dungeon I've been in to date. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: At the very least, I'm a regularly active player in game, and as far as guild activities go, whether it be World vs World or a day of alt levelling, I'm up for anything. I'm yet to spend time in this game and find myself short of something to do, or bored of what I'm doing, and I've played every opportunity since the servers opened at 5:00am GMT on headstart. On the social side, I'll be fairly active in the forums when I'm not playing, and when I am, I'll be active in guild chat and on VOIPs, and looking forward to spending time with more of the guild. On a final note, if anyone needs any help with anything, or just wants some company, please feel free to send me a whisper, and we'll work something out.