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  1. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    From off the top of my head: Ruleset will be D&D 4th edition. Sessions will occur on Sundays at 4pm. First session on the 8th March. We're going to start with a pre-made adventure for a few months until Locke has completed setting out his home-brew campaign. Maps & dice rolls will be done via Roll20. Pre-made adventure is being decided on by Locke. Character creation will occur from 7pm on 6th March. Pre-made adventure Character creation: Attributes will be rolled for. Any race/class from the player handbooks are okay. Level may be higher than 1, depends on the adventure chosen by Locke. People will roll a dice to find out the order that the characters will be made in.
  2. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    You quite clearly do not have much experience with the internet.
  3. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    Meee! Still. :) 1.) I'm employed, so Fridays/Weekends work best. :) But I can normally do Tuesdays/Wednesdays if needed. 2.) Am up for any. I have lots of rulebooks if you're after ideas. :) 3.) My Little Pony RPG? 4.) Homebrew would be fun, but very time consuming for GM. So wouldn't mind Pre-built if GM needs time to work on things. 5,) Weekly would be best, but fortnightly doesn't fuss me too much. 6.) 2-3 hours normally works best, too long and peoples attention starts to flag & I'd suggest doing things that amount to paperwork on the forums inbetween sessions, so as to not cut into session time. 7.) House rules... 8.) A story always starts from the beginning!
  4. Things to do in RL till Wildstar

    You could just sit at home constantly clicking the 'Play' button in the hope it starts....
  5. I'll be there....