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  1. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    You don't need much prior knowledge for this bit of the character creation. We can help you out digging up any information you'd need.
  2. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    Ooh you're setting up a My Little Pony RPG? I'm game! Everypony should join! :D 1) What evening's you are free? Pretty much any. 2) What RPG's you'd want to play, (DnD, GoT, Star Wars, BSG, what ever you can find out there)? I've played DnD 4th Edition, Eberron and both WH40k and WHFRP though I do prefer fantasy ones. Anything DnD would probably work for me. :) 3) Are there any that you DON'T want to play? I prefer more of the action-oriented RPGs rather than the more freeform/intrigue kind of RPGs. 4) Would you like pre-built campaigns or homebrew? Any works. 5) Would you like it once a fortnight or once a week? I think the closer together the better. 6) What sort of time per session would you prefer (min and max lengths please)? 2-6 hours? 7) Strict rules or House rules? Any works. 8) Starting at level 1 or a couple of levels higher? Either works for me.
  3. dl* has a new Admin!

  4. Application Karmacowboy

    I know this name, I get ressed by you at the Crater Firing Range last night! :D
  5. Application for PS2 - Kouldor

    If you created an account using Steam, then yes it will use the Steam avatar.
  6. Application for PS2 - Kouldor

    Welcome! I was instantly drawn here when I saw your avatar. :D
  7. Real name: Henric Eriksson Gaming name: Uruloke Location: Sweden Age: 28 Games played: Loads of different MMOs and too many other games to list. Used to be an active Planetside 1 player during its peak all those years ago. Referral: Through careful filtering of the various outfits on the PSU wiki. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: As a former soldier on the battlefields of Werner I've heard and seen the work of the 58th Marine Corps. Planetside cannot be enjoyed to its fullest without having a great group of people at your side in combat. I try my best to help out my teammates in any way I can, if that is shooting others in the face, driving tanks or raining down firey death from an aircraft that's what I'll do. I spent most of my time in PS1 as a tank driver/BFR pilot and so know very well the necessity for good communication to get things done. In PS2 I'm usually running around as a LA (to breach towers/walls) or engineer (to repair my own and others' vehicles) in addition to piloting Reavers/Libs and driving Vanguards around the battlefield. I can also help out outside of the game should you ever need an experienced programmer for whatever reason. ;)
  8. Application - Uruloke - PS2

    Thank you everyone! I'll definately be there at release, though I'll be on late unfortunately. They picked a bad day to release. :P