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  1. Application!

    Come on in!
  2. Application JellyBean

    Welcome :) an admin will be along shortly to sort you out. Is there room in this place for another Bean?!
  3. Application - Upsilon

    Woohoo! Smite! Welcome :D
  4. Some crazy app going on there. Welcome all. Now UO, that was the good ol' days!
  5. Join the queue! :)
  6. Welcome! I think we now have enough we can now create a "tactical Swede barrier" between ourselves and the enemy?
  7. Welcome. Can't wait for the weekend to get this ball rolling!
  8. Things to do in RL till Wildstar

    All of a sudden I've got an idea for a character name...
  9. Welcome! Nice to see new faces are already growing for Wildstar.
  10. Welcome to DL. Smite!
  11. Application for smite

    And the Smite revolution is gathering pace! Welcome! Look forward to Smiting with you in the near future.
  12. App for Smite

    Welcome! An admin will be along shortly to vet you, we're always happy to add more to the ever growing smite group :D
  13. Application For smite

    Good games today, hopefully more to come! Welcome :)
  14. Smite app

    Another recruit! Welcome!
  15. Real name: James Austerberry Gaming name: Stybb Location: UK Age: 25 Games played: All kinds, Shooters, RPGs, Sports, Racing, Arcade, Classic Referral: PS2 Forums Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm looking for a group to get some good teamwork on the go, after a couple of nights group hopping, these groups seem less prevalent than in the beta and this outfit seems perfect. I'm active in the voice chat and happy to take on any role for the team, also looking for a good laugh and entertainment whilst mowing down the opposition! Additionally, I seem to be pretty handy at "not quite killing" people, so anyone hanging around me should have plenty of easy kills to pick up! See you soon hopefully! James
  16. Excellent! Let's roll!