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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Application!

    has an admin actually seen this thread yet ?? and welcome m8
  3. Application

    is it all of grendels family joining welcome m8, I'm sure one of our admins will be along some time very soon
  4. Commanderwood666

    no one ever has enough armour though..
  5. Commanderwood666

    been playing with me sines,donger,dirtydog the last week on the division. :)
  6. Spups

    dirtydog I think but totally not sure as his name is in woodys post about joining aswell
  7. Application :D

    hello and welcome i'm sure an admin will be alone to post a few words like " what friend told you about us" and " tell us a bit more about your self" so just a heads up if you would like to add a bit more to your post before they see it ;)
  8. Heya

    didn't realise tipner had this many friends ;)
  9. New clan application

    kill every think before it kills you my answer
  10. New clan application

    I can vouch for this old man, known him for about 20 odd years, makes us feel fucking old now!!! some 1 will come along higher than me rob and post some think get mumble down loaded m8 asap
  11. Application: tossetaz

    all we need now is one for declined
  12. welcome m8, im sure some 1 with higher rank than me will pop along and say a few more words and let you know what to do etc as i havent a clue.
  13. Thorfn

    you should have posted that vid on the ps2 forums with our outfit post