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  1. Application

  2. Spups

    Hey mate! Welcome!
  3. Commanderwood666

    Great to have you!! :D
  4. Application: Silica

    Hey!! Welcome!
  5. Application, ^Xeno/Xerapin

    Great to see you back. Sorry things have been rubbish; glad to hear things are better. Feel very welcome!
  6. Application

    Hop on Discord when you're up and running and we'll get you an invite.
  7. Application

    This ^^
  8. Application

    Hey there! Good to have you. Feel free to join in with any of the games we're playing at the moment. What are you playing right now?
  9. Carty for lan :D

    Hello Carty!! You know you can't smoke in the School right! :D:D:D:D:D
  10. Application

  11. Application

    I reckon most of Melvyn's mates are quiet. That's just science.
  12. Application

    What is Overwatch? Another Darren? People have friends? Welcome!
  13. dl* first Incursion completion!

    It's like Adam is the female reporter in the A-Team. Or April O'Neil. Or the Asian kid who drives the car in Indiana Jones. Or Captain Haddock. Or Wicket the Ewok. Or John Hurt in Alien. Or Apoc in Matrix 1. Or Rik Moranis in Ghostbusters. He was there, he can tell a tale, but his contribution was fickle, capricious and forgettable.
  14. dl* first Incursion completion!

    Rumour has it that Adam was carried.
  15. Ruh-ro....

    Nope. Quite the opposite.
  16. Hiya!

    Hey Dude! Good to have you around. :D
  17. SWTOR The Force Re-awakens Monday 3/8/15 21:00

    I'm really going to try to be available Grip!
  18. SWToR - Ravagers Ravaged

    WOOP WOOP! Tonight an intrepid group of DL's finest banded together and knocked down the final boss of The Ravagers! We bested the mutinous Coratanni and forced her to flee in an escape pod, we killed Pearl the ship's parrot (and first class A-hole), then finally we "aggressively persuaded" the backstabber Ruuger to go down with the ship: Ravagers down, next on the menu is The Temple of Sacrifice and the final encounter with a character many of us first met over 12 years ago: Darth Revan. Congratulations to Darth Hel, Grippa, Endzone, Beany, Fei, Tuatha, Spanky and Blue! SWTOR night will return next Monday starting at 2030 UK time!
  19. Rambonuts - Application

  20. Krusty

    Hooray!!! And those sort of things.
  21. Things to do in RL till Wildstar

    Or totally rely on you being at mine that weekend. TL:DR.
  22. Application - Chamaeleonid2

    Thanks for your input everyone, but Huds and me are the admins in this thread. :D Our members shouldn't be telling you that joining at 16 is a given. It isn't. It's discretionary. Thanks for taking the time to make an app. Please feel free to come back in a couple of years. Bean
  23. Good app. Looking forward to playing alongside you. Don't worry about the accent, most folk can't tell what I am saying...:D