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  1. LAN Winners!

    Gutted I missed it, new job is currently getting the better of me!
  2. dl* has a new Admin!

    Go go gadget Huds - congratz!
  3. Application - Brownb34ryo

    Welcome buddy, an admin shall be a long shortly to sort you out! :)
  4. Laundrymonster

    Welcome welcome! :)
  5. Db Application

    Sweet, more Bristol folk - looking forward to seeing you in game bud!
  6. Application XsenZ

    Welcome, looking forward to seeing you ingame - make sure you jump on mumble and introduce yourself! :)
  7. Snu Application

    Welcome, looking forward to catching up with you online very soon!
  8. Application - Lil Nach

    Welcome, hope to see you online very soon! :)
  9. Application - spendavis

    That will indeed be sorted tonight! :) Gratz on finally making the app!
  10. Welcome! Hopefully an admin person should be a long to sort you out with a trial status!
  11. Welcome, looking forward to some GW2 with you!
  12. Skysub GW2 application

    Welcome, look forward to seeing you on GW2 sometime soon!