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  1. Application: tossetaz

    Welcome to the team!
  2. Tokann - Engineer

    Welcome to DL!
  3. Sharokeen - Stalker Tank

    That would be Optimalised now instead of Zeiva, isn't it? Anyways, welcome to DL!
  4. Bandages // Medic // Wildstar

    Hi Bandages, welcome to Digital Legion! Be sure to check out mumble, that's where most of the action is at. The forums is also a great place where we arrange events as well the opportunity of getting involved in other games.
  5. Hustler - Warrior [Wildstar]

    Hi Hustler! Always good to see some more warriors. An admin will be around shortly to reply to your application.
  6. Icewindz - Spellsinger

    Welcome to DL!
  7. Application - Kurzan

    Welcome to DL, Kurzan!
  8. Welcome to DL. We love launching cupigs into space here!
  9. Application Gadea (Stalker)

    Welcome to DL, Gadea!
  10. Enginess - Wildstar

    Hi Kristinabacon. An admin will be along soon. Just one question, what are you mainly into in Wildstar - pvp, pve, social part etc? It's just to get a better picture of your application and what sort of stuff you like.
  11. Wildstar Realm First!

    wait wut? He what now? Did he.... No, he can't have.... Edit: I need to learn to read the links too.
  12. You'll fit right in! Welcome to DL!