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  1. Twitch is live NAOW

    Steff , what bit rate and fps do you use?
  2. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    Thanks Hal - I have never made a character before and thought there were restrictions which would be posted here. Depends how much prior knowledge is required but I thought character creation was a big thing - I know next to nothing and with sleep + work until creation time I don't see myself being able to come up with anything, so it might be best I sit this one out.
  3. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    Locke, can you post the deets of mumble chat here until time we get that sub-forum? I need to 'revise' before starting.
  4. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    Grip - you havne't put your name forwards.... Pony up!
  5. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    I'd like to put forward my interest in participating, i'll answer the rest a bit later :) If I am involved, i'll more than likely record it as come on, it's DL playing a fantasy game, trying to sort of be in character - it's going to involve drinking, bad language, rage, love and laughter and that's just from Locke! 1) What evening's you are free? I'd rather a Friday/Saturday - not Sunday (evening) 2) What RPG's you'd want to play, (DnD, GoT, Star Wars, BSG, what ever you can find out there)? As long as there can be a story, i'm easy going 3) Are there any that you DON'T want to play? I was going to say no but then found out there was a mylittlepony one.... so yeah, no that! 4) Would you like pre-built campaigns or homebrew? As i've little experience, pre-built is fine for me and best for Locke at first, Homebrew can come in over time. 5) Would you like it once a fortnight or once a week? Weekly at first to see how it goes whilst enthusiasm is high (this is DL... drop out rates in games we play is real!) 6) What sort of time per session would you prefer (min and max lengths please)? I've been brought up raiding so am happy for it to go on for a few hours (with breaks!) - Agree with Hal, prep work outside of the timeslot, intro's and playing inside. 7) Strict rules or House rules? House rules =) 8) Starting at level 1 or a couple of levels higher? Level 1 - would like it to be a fresh start as it'll be one of my first proper times.