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  1. Application Ryzak

    Velkommen :)
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    Welcome! Finally convinced you to come play with us :P
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    Thanks guys :) Joining you on the battlefield asap!
  5. Real name: Marius Gaming name: Patzun Location: Norway Age: 26 Games played: This list is LONG! Ill mention a few important ones. CS b5.1/b6.1/1.0/1.6 etc., planetside 1, loads of mmorpg games starting with ultima online, and so on... Just ask if you want to know more :) Referral: forums Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Im an experienced pc gamer. I used to play pretty hardcore when i was in my teen years, but now as im older and with the things that comes with that, im more casual :) Ive been playing ps2 pretty short, but im starting to get some certs done. Ive just been going at it alone or in a random platoon. Ive played with some fun platoons, but find i really want a community working togeather and not just a platoon of randoms where usually only half follow orders. I see myself as a nice person, and a good team player. I enjoy using coms, planning attacks and reporting as we go. dl* really seems like the place for me, and i hope you think ill fit in :) Ps. This app was written on my norwegian-spellchecking-iphone on the train, so please ignore any typos :P