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  1. Digital Legion - The Game Insanity

    Dammit, and you don't think, that i could go on a trial? :) Or is it simply a law that you have to follow? lol :D
  2. Real name: Johan V. W. Gaming name: PS 2: Birthe. The rest is in my profile information. Location: 2970, Denmark Age: 15 Games played: ALOT :D, SC II, PS 2, ALL Serious Sam, CK 2, Crysis 1 + 2, Rome: Total War, Empire: Total War, Dungeon keeper 2, Theme games, Medieval 1 + 2: Total War, R.U.S.E., FTL, Portal 1+2, CC, TF 2, DayZ and LOTS OF OTHERS :D (Favourites are stragedy though.) Referral:I was playing PS 2, when stumbled upon your air training outfit, and i thought "WOW THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!". Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?I'm a casual PC gentleman, which is looking for some fun tactical gameplay, that differs from the standard. I hope that you will accept this request, and i wish you further luck :)