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  1. Introduction RTRS Bankrotas

    Thanks for the welcome. Was nice fighting alongside. You are a chatty bunch, almost as much as RTRS, I think we'll get along just nice, when others get used to it :0
  2. Hey, Bankrotas from Rock Traitor Shotgun, here. Coming over to introduce myself and ask, if the offer of LordMondando still stands? RTRS usually doesn't roll out enough people to fill a squad, so I thought to ask, if I could roll with you when possible as a guest? Anyways, RTRS is by itself small sister outfit of Rock Planet Shotgun (RPS from VS miller), we do enjoy killing each other and keep ourselves in honorable competition, where we try not to spy and are welcoming each other to play with, but never question, our allegiance. RTRS is strictly tries to be quite casual and usually only on fridays fills in over a squad, other days it's quite hard to do that, so we aren't effective, but even so, we are quite efficient. That's a bit of background about our situation. Another question of same would be, would you be willing to accept more than one or two of us, to tag along? EDIT: Forgot to tell about myself. I'm kinda reckless player, who sees a target to destroy, might spend half his own resources just to do it. Mostly I am CQB player, but don't really roll lately with CQB weapons (Do have those). I specialize mostly in infantry HA, LA and Max, can fulfill CM's role, fully certed medic too, engi is my demoman with 4 mine/3 C4 setups, semi invested and now being target investment Max with dual hacksaws, falcons and bursters. Vehicles for me are all over the place, do fly a reaver a bit, am bad lib gunner and use libs as suicide sundy hunter vehicle. I am kinda reckless, used to play solo a lot, but can put 12k kills to my BR65. That's about it.