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  1. Application :D

    Not gonna lie, I googled that. It didn't help. Anyway, welcome ;)
  2. Application JellyBean

    That is definately not true. Welcome though!
  3. Extrabagslots - Spellslinger [wildstar]

    Heh. I've seen you around the banks and never paid attention to your level. Always just assumed you were a mule alt (which was probably the idea!). Anyway, welcome to dl* :)
  4. Of course, I wouldn't even try to entertain the idea of being king of aim. Far too much competition! ;)
  5. Nice app. Nice to see another person who appreciates console gaming as well ;) You shall very quickly learn that I am the king of stalker tanking, and tanking in general, and stalkers in general. In fact you can just call me king.
  6. App - Spackosaurus

    That minesweeper. I'm actually considering quiting wildstar to take up minesweeper full time. We should do a tourney some time!
  7. Welcome to dl* !! Bonus kudos and hugs if you get friends to reroll! ;)
  8. My Little House in the Sky Winners!

    Thank you chaps :D Thanks for all the decor lootz from O8!
  9. Any friend of Tip is a bitch of mine. Welcome to dl*!
  10. Knightmare Dungeon & Adventure Event 20-6-14

    The thread says 7pm BST, but this says 8pm. Huds? ;)
  11. Application - Kurzan

    That's not to say vouches don't help though....
  12. Application - Kurzan

    Glad your verification got fixed! Welcome to dl*!
  13. Vvaarr

    Nice app! Welcome to DL! Should have an admin along at some point to let you go free or trap you into enslavement.
  14. Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome And welcome!
  15. Application - ForFaen (Wildstar)

    Ah ha. That makes sense :) Well an admin should be along at some point. In the mean time, welcome to dl* !
  16. Application - ForFaen (Wildstar)

    Plenty of MMO experience there :) Just noticed something, (which an admin would probably query anyway), but you're gaming name is different from your forum name? We like to try and keep things "in line" just so it's easy to recognize who's who (especially on Mumble!)
  17. OMG wut?! Welcome to dl* ! :)
  18. Things to do in RL till Wildstar

  19. Application - Skjuludde (Wildstar)

    Moarrr Hearthstone!! Welcome to DL :)
  20. Our claim on Nexus has been staked

    I just reserved the guild name "The Digital Legion". That should ward off any copy cats. :ph34r:
  21. Application - Casadian (Wildstar)

    There's plenty of people who prefer PvP as well so I'm sure you'll find someone to team up with. One of the boss men will be around at some point to let you know if you've been lucky or if you're app is accepted :)
  22. Application for smite

    Yeh she does graphic design, and is good at Hearthstone. Hrmm... Welcome :)
  23. dl* has a new Admin!

    I wouldn't congratulate him. Similarly to how I wouldn't congratulate a new school teacher ;)
  24. dl* has a new Admin!

    Go go Huds!