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  1. Application - Hamlar13

    pls Beedrill shits on butterfree
  2. Application - Hamlar13

    Spellforce as in the single-player game? Those were some of the few games where I actually got value for my money, Couldn't get enough of the 2nd one!
  3. My Application

    I did ^^
  4. Application - Upsilon

    Nice to see the app, just need to wait a sec for one of the admin people to have a look at the app. Someone should take a look before the day ends
  5. Application - PilotJack

    Check out Wasp if you're looking for a PS2 outfit. If you want to play a bit more competitively and play a lot check out MCY instead. You can always join us for the other games mentioned above though :D
  6. Application for smite

    Looking forward to play some Smite!!!
  7. App for Smite

    You can find the mumble details in the dl website forum. Follow the instructions there and once in mumble jump in The Smite channel with the other guys and they'll help you out.
  8. App for Smite

    We'll make sure you'll be one of the best players around!! Welcome!
  9. Smite app

    Hey man, cool to see you checked out my invitation! I'll jump on later today to play some Smite!
  10. Application For smite

    Hey, cool to see we're not the only ones that like to play Smite in group! An Admin will be here shortly to have a look at your application!
  11. Application - r4g1nge

    Welcome, don't worry about not having a lot of games, we play quite a few F2P as well
  12. PS2 Retirement

    Like I said in the other thread, If anyone needs people to play PS2 with, just jump on the Wasp TS, you're always free to join ops or just play with us.
  13. Application - BlueHaste (PS2)

    My reddit post wasn't in vain!
  14. Application for EVE online

    Check the dl website subforum. The thread mumble server access is the one you need.
  15. application Mowglies

    The Danish are invading, damn Vikings! An Admin will be along shortly to have a look at your application. Also, fix those grammar mistakes before the admins see them, quickly!