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  1. Application

    whats going on in this thread then, i heard we're having a deep discussion on modern day appliances, I tried to make a DIY drone by strapping my 4 y/o to a pair of dyson fans. Jump on Discord, make a big noise, join one of the many diverse DL inspired wow guilds or throw caution to the wind and play with Bean
  2. Application :D

    I'm a trained artisan butcher, so that makes me a... ... Venison Engineer. Or it comes from Italy, that would be Venetian-venison Engineer
  3. Application :D

    Wait, you're Acu's arena partner aren'tcha? Damn son, I'm sorry for whatever he might have done. The majority of us who are playing WoW right now are Maelstrom Horde too!
  4. Application :D

    Hail friend! What server/faction do you play on WoW? I'm obligated to ask :D I wonder who the friend who pointed you here is!
  5. Sovereign application

    I think I've got a few characters on Argent Dawn, Alliance. None of them 100 or geared necessarily. Most of mine are on The Maelstrom/Emerald Dream or Silvermoon :/
  6. application

    BRING THE SALT Whats going on man, welcome to *dl :D
  7. I am 12 and what is this Can't even retain your dank for an app, welcome aboard!
  8. Sovereign application

    Fair enough. I play a split of Ally/Horde across Silvermoon, Emerald Dream and Maelstrom, currently only subbed to do garrison missions in preparation for Leejun.
  9. Sovereign application

    The big question here, is are you a Reaper disguising yourself as a Space Vessel, allowing Saren to spread his influence across the galaxy while being chased by Captain Shepherd? If not, Hi and welcome to the Legion! A mod or two will come around soon enough to let you know how things are done for the first few weeks of your time here, including Mumble details! What server/faction do you play on WoW btw?
  10. Hello Legionnaires, Melvyn here! I first joined dl* a few years ago but fell out of touch after an altercation or two with a certain ex-DL member. Well, Tipner managed to convince me to rejoin and bring with me a few of my cohort, Storro and Fairzz! You'll probably find us playing League as our staple game most of the time, but we do branch out into a lot of games. The games I'm personally playing a lot of at the minute are; LoL, WoW, HotS, Rust, Ark, Darkest Dungeon, CS:GO and Minecraft. I'm a big fan of survival/sandbox/crafty games and MOBAs, and am extremely hyped and salted for Overwatch! Also experienced in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 & 5th editions, I play a mean Cleric and don't mind DMing should the occassion arise! If you want to have a game or smash some shit up, catch me on: League - Melvyn, - BestMelvynEU#2351 or Steam - Best Melvyn EU Lastly, I do have my own YouTube channel, where I upload edits of various games and other silliness! Me on YouTube! Thanks for popping by, and hope to play together soon!
  11. Hello :D

    He's on about Steff's ego boys, think the Mumbles gunna' need another 100 slots to fit it in kek
  12. Application - Melvyninja

    Had a great laugh with a couple of you guys last night, thanks for making me feel welcome! Apart from throwing a League match or two...
  13. Application - Melvyninja

    Thank you both for the warm welcome. A quick question, what are the restrictions on signatures? I've seen some people with custom ones, and some with dl* honors etc