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  1. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    So, uhmm, is there room for one more?
  2. Application - BlueHaste (PS2)

    Here is the mumble details:
  3. Application Limerick

    Welcome to DL, an admin should be around soon to process your application :)
  4. application Mowglies

    I would just like to say that his English skills are good enough verbally :D His written mistakes are pretty common amongst most danes
  5. Application - Kurj (BF4)

    Welcome to DL :) an admin should be along at some point to process your application.
  6. Application AlexDs

    Woop woop, another one playing Age of Empires!, welcome to DL :D
  7. Application - KaneUk

    An admin should be along to process you application shortly. Also, this guys needs to be in the outfit, he is a proper chap and good talking with, can't wait to kill some more TR with you :D
  8. First of all. Welcome to Digital Legion! :D Secondly. Yay! More Danish people. Don't woory about the accent, we have a couple of Danes in the outfit already who should be able to interpret, or maybe some of the Swedes. Looking forward to playing with you.
  9. Application Natteri

    Welcome, I hope me and TotalDestruction1 didn't whip you too hard in the open squad :P With that said I am happy that you are joining us as you seem to be a nice and capable player.
  10. dl* has a new Admin!

    gl hf
  11. Application - Sage595

    Good, then you can easily join in on one the largest discussion topics in the outfit. Also, welcome :D
  12. Application - Guiness0028

    Welcome :D
  13. application - 3nding

    Welcome :D it was fun playing with you tonight.
  14. Application: TheToxicWasted

    Thank you! I was a little confused as to why there was instructions/details on the hows. Can't wait to have some people to conquer Auraxis with :D
  15. Application: TheToxicWasted

    Thank you :) Quick question, how do I actually join the outfit and the mumble server?