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  1. Pinkpanther

    Welcome, I assume you were the pink who joined and left the Discord server yesterday? if its you join again and ping a mod to make you a member.
  2. Application!

  3. Application, ^Xeno/Xerapin

    Welcome back :)
  4. Application

    Welcome! This the thread with details on connecting to Discord which as Creep said is our voice com's server:
  5. Application

    Oh in the case.... j/k, welcome :)
  6. Hello, Again!

    Welcome back :) Curious who the ex-dl'er was now :P
  7. g.lane_27 Application

    Welcome :)
  8. Application - MrHealing

    Welcome, just a tip.... Almost 20 = 19
  9. Re-Introduction

    Welcome back :)
  10. Augustu

    Seems the Scandi invasion continues... the day of the Sweds has slowed now is the day of the danes.
  11. Application: tossetaz

    Welcome dude :)
  12. Say

    Welcome back Laura! Come play Heroes of the Storm (I assume a former Blizzy has got an invite)
  13. Application: TheMarkings

    WASP is a PS2 outfit alot of our members moved to when we stopped playing it a group.
  14. Dates fo' yo' diary

    Hope I can catch up with everything :(