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    I have no hobbies any more, my boy seems to take up all my spare time.

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    Hope you have had a great day :)

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    Welcome to DL spups
  6. LAN Winners!

    I'd like to thank my team for carrying me so hard. I'll think of you when I'm spending those ducets.
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    it didnt work ;(
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    Gary "danger" Lane welcome to DL, im hijacking this so I can learn how to add pictures and gifs.to my posts...... sorry but not sorry.
  9. Moi Moi, welcome to DL brah.
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    Sorry bro, I'm not Scottish I've just come here to steal your jobs and your bridies!
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    Cheers. I spoke to a couple of the guys on mumble yesterday (Day Z channel) I'll be having a game with them tonight. Fingers crossed it all goes well
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    Hey guys, that's good news about the F2P should help me get started!
  13. Real name: Edwin Mulready Gaming name: r4g1nge Location: Scotland (Highlands) Age: 23 Games played: I've just bought myself a PC for the first time in about five years, in that five years I was on the 360 playing games such as Halo, TF2, Dark Souls, Gears of War, L4D2 (I play fps and shooter mostly but I like rts and adventure aswell) As I've just got back into PC's my library is a little small, but I'm always keen on trying new things and open to suggestions. Referral: From member Steff Rees Why should you be a member of Digital Legion: I enjoy gaming in my downtime, especially with friends. I'm a good team player and will always try and better myself while playing. Also I always finish the game, even when it's going pear shaped. P.S. The Highlands reference is relevant in the Location section because I live and work on a remote Highland estate so sometimes work will interfere with my gaming. It doesn't happen often and usually only in severe weather, or an emergency. Hopefully that's not too much of a problem.