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  1. It is kind of inside hockey, very popular in scandinavia (Sweden, Finland), Switzerland and of course Czech Republic :) And thank you for the opportunity be a part of dl*. :)
  2. Real name: Martin Gaming name: Keksik Location: Czech Republic Age: 28 Games played: WOW - (8 years, till now), CS beta -> CS:GO, Diablo II, Diablo 3, SWTOR and more offline games. Referral: My friends from WOW told me about this friendly guild - Keq, Kwasha, Pharra, Species, Chuckiee (they are now part of Digital Legion) Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I am friendly and kind person, I like soial guilds with adult people. All of my friends who play Wildstar are in your guild, so I hope I will be part of your legacy. I rly enyoe the game and I want conquer all content. I've been playing MMOs around 8 years, I got experience from raids, PvE content, PvP. I am a teamplayer I play Football and Floorball, I have GF who also play PC games :) and my second love is our new flat - I spend a lot of time rebuilding it. I hope I can join your guild and I discover new adventures in Wildstar.