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  1. Pen and Paper RPG's - Sign Up Thread.

    1) What evening's you are free? I'm easy, it changes but can be negotiated with the boss 2) What RPG's you'd want to play, (DnD, GoT, Star Wars, BSG, what ever you can find out there)? ALL OF THEM 3) Are there any that you DON'T want to play? What's wrong with My Little Pony? 4) Would you like pre-built campaigns or homebrew? Homebrew, but only because it's more work for Locke... Unless he pre-builds. Then that. 5) Would you like it once a fortnight or once a week? Why not twice a week? Hmm? 6) What sort of time per session would you prefer (min and max lengths please)? You're gonna need to set aside 3 hours mesa tink. 7) Strict rules or House rules? Strict rules. That are broken. 8) Starting at level 1 or a couple of levels higher? Depends on what we're playing. Not much point starting at lv 1 if we all dragons. No levelling for 7 levels?
  2. Maester_Zen

    Thank you very much :)
  3. Maester_Zen

    The main games that I play are LoL (Maester Zen), EvE (Zenith Kalkoken), DayZ (ArmA 2 mod, I play epoch mod at the moment), Dungeon Defenders and Terraria. I've played a lot of BF3 on the XBox *gasp* but downloaded it for free off Origin, so I'll be having a bash with that on PC as well. I'll be downloading (mostly free) stuff to play with guys that are already playing in the group as well. Don't mind trying something different. What will I bring to this fine establishment? lulz. Lots of lulz. Love having a chat, and love laughing at the expense of Lockey... so I fit in pretty well with the people I've met so far :) I like playing in a team, so would love to get playing games with other guys. My hopes and dreams? To conquer the world! Who wants to be pinky? To be honest, I just wanna get into some games with some like minded PC gamers :)
  4. Real name: Liam Gaming name: Maester_Zen Location: England Age: 26 Games played: EvE, LoL, BF3, a few other Steam games Referral: Lockey! Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Because making Lockey cry like a little girl is a hobby of mine. Some guys also said that they'd "c u next tuesday" for some reason. Said I'd fit in fine.