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  1. tx a lot & hahah didn't realize that black is not a default color here, let me fix it :)
  2. Hi there, I've just started with this new game and looking for bunch of cool ppl to enjoy both pve and pvp content. I was pretty amazed by introduction of your guild on official wildstar forum and also on ur page and I have the feeling you are exactly kind of guild I am looking for. plx see below your questionare :) If you would like to know more pls ask happy to answer. Real name: Peter Kosuth Gaming name: Zelezoth - Engineer - leveling Location: Slovakia, Bratislava Age: 29 Games played: WoW - raider during vanila, BC and Wotlk afterwards just casual mode Diablo, gw2, swtor and little bit of starcraft (than all the old school games) Referral: Official forum site for Wildstar, Contagion server section, your description felt like a perfect match for me. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: To be honest I can not offer hardcore gaming hours like during the old days in WoW, however I can offer allways positive attitude, willingnes to help guildies and participate on guild events if RL allows, so as MMO experiences and mature behaviour. What am I looking for? To enjoy a game, experience both pvp but mostly pve content with mature and positive bunch of ppl.