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  1. Ah well, old is a relative term I guess. Guess I'm simply the pessimist :) Thank you, I'll make sure to behave! (at least during my trial!)
  2. Real name: Daniel Hörberg Gaming name: Clonan Location: Lomma, Sweden Age: 32 Games played: Smite first and foremost. Probably some WoW once Draenor is released. A former "professional" Q1, Q3 and BF1942 player that now enjoys sucking hard as an old fat man :-( Referral: Played some Smite games while being on Mumble with Steff, Stybb and TKValton. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a jolly swede that never settles for anything below 110%. Sadly a sore looser at the same time though... :) I'd like to improve my Smite play further, and see if we can take is somewhere. Cheers!