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  1. Real Name: Andrew Mangham Gaming Name: Deltharos/UnderDogSH Location: UK, Doncaster born & bred then turned traitor and moved south to Poole. Age: 26 Games Played: Started with opening doors on Doom while sat on my dads lap watching him play. Since then i've played pretty much every game you have heard of. Notable multiplayer games: a lot of CS:Source, Gears of War, CoD:4 , WoW{from release to downing Lich King, Guild Officer and Main Tank), League of Legends & Smite. Currently Playing Wildstar as a DPS Engineer, hit level 50 last week and before that I played Smite. About Me: Power gamer but with a wicked sense of humor which balances me out. Usually play every day between 7-12pm apart from Mondays. I play every genre of game as well as tabletop war games & D&D. Really enjoy games with a difficult ruleset & the need for a social group. Taken a couple years break from multiplayer community games but wanting to get back into with the release of Wildstar. I work as a Software Developer. I'm 100% on on the side of Dogs being mans best friend. I spend way way too much money on Video Games and Warhammer. I also have an obsession with Westerns & Samurai movies Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Er...... because i'm awesome!!! I'd like a shot at seeing if I will fit in with your community. I'm always up for a laugh, have a chilled out approach to life and will play a variety of games as its more about the people you play with instead of the game your playing. Referral: Wildstar Forum post.