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  1. To tell you all more about myself as a person, I regularly play video games in my spare time and RTS and MMORPGs are my favourite game genres. I'm not such a big fan of MOBAs but don't really mind them. I don't know what else to really say when it comes to my own personality. I'm the sort of guy who doesn't really like being left out though.
  2. I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm not looking for a hardcore raiding guild anyway. I doubt I'd have the time to fully dedicate myself to the game. What are the sort of things you look for in your applications to demonstrate how one would fit into your guild?
  3. Hey there. Nice to meet you too.
  4. Real Name: Chris Gaming Name: Outset (I use StabbyMcStabStab on Hazak-EU) Location: United Kingdom Age: 22 Games Played: I have played plenty of MMORPGs including Runescape, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, World of Warcraft, RIFT, Aion, Firefall and Wildstar. I have also played several other competitive games actively including League of Legends, World of Tanks and most notably StarCraft II (where I hit Diamond League 1v1 on EU and NA.) Most of my MMO experience is casual. It was only in WoW that I really got into the raiding scene. I played Hunter DPS, Death Knight tank, Paladin healer, Warrior tank and Warlock DPS as part of the raid roster of several guilds between 2006 and late 2013 when I finally quit the game over the direction it had taken since Cataclysm and Mists. I even led two (failed) raiding guilds and was the raid leader/officer of another on Turalyon-EU back in 2009 called <Death Dancers>. Referral: Spoke to VimBlast in game. He referred me to this site to make an application. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion? I am perfectly aware of what makes a good raider. Determination, preparation, execution and the willingness to follow orders without question. I would make the perfect addition to your roster because I can and have met all these qualities. When I have the time to raid which is usually every evening and night, I am determined to put as much work and effort into the game as possible. I actually put many hours a day into <Death Dancers> back when I was raid leader, often for minimal progression but a lot of that was due to reasons outside of my control. I am also quite good at preparing for raids. It was something I did in a number of WoW raiding guilds, even as a raid leader in several others. I read up extensively on boss tactics, practice my rotation, farm any necessary flasks, potions and other consumables needed to boost my stats up and look into how best to min/max my character. Execution is something I am rather good at. Through 3 years of playing SC2 on and off, I drove myself up from Bronze to Diamond League through deliberately practicing build orders, unit micro and specific matchups to gain a greater understanding of the game and a higher winrate on ladder. This is something I've also applied to MMOs in the past both as a raider and as a raid leader. There is something pretty satisfying about clearing bosses with an undergeared group, especially ones like Nightbane, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim and Freya, which are five of my more memorable boss kills in respective guilds. From experiencing WoW in a leadership and raider role and from speaking to gamer friends who have had experience leading teams in games like League of Legends and World of Tanks, I fully understand the importance of following orders without question which is absolutely essential for raids. It is something I am more than willing to do. I am happy with either playing a Stalker DPS or Tank in the endgame. TL;DR: I am determined and willing to prepare for Veteran Dungeons and Genetic Archives. I don't back down from groups over trivial things like a small string of wipes, and