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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Application

    Welcome matey :)
  3. Application :D

    Can you sort me out with some bay windows? Been after some for a while now!
  4. dl* first Incursion completion!

    Can confirm. /carried.
  5. application

    Welcome to the party, pal!
  6. Sovereign application

    Welcome to DL :) Hope to see you online for some Overwatch matches soon!
  7. Darksider133 Application

    Welcome buddy :)
  8. Gears - Application

    Welcome to the forums Ruben! An admin will be along shortly to let you know the score on what happens next! Glad to have you with us, if you've had to endure both Fuzz and Litemode, i'm sure you'll be just fine ;)
  9. Application - MrHealing

    Feel free to jump online most weeknights around 6-7PM GMT and you'll be sure to find a few of us to have a game or two with :)
  10. Application - MrHealing

    Hello MrHealing! Thanks for the app! An admin will be along shortly to let you know the details :)
  11. More of a re-introduction

    Welcome back boss!
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    Welcome Spanky :)