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  1. dl* first Incursion completion!

    gratz guys
  2. Ruh-ro....

  3. Application - Gravespawn

    real life always comes first mate, we'll keep a spot open for you:)
  4. application - thachaotix

    no it's not welcome!
  5. Post from Post

    welcome mate! i'm the scotsman:)
  6. Application - Sinoby

    welcome, a admin will be around to do there thing soon:)
  7. theres no fun if no one hears you :P
  8. Application - Unknownliquid PS2

    nps, i'm sure we can extened your trial
  9. Application Lord Mondando

    thats not a prob, alot of us here have friends in other clan/communtiys & welcome
  10. welcome! we are on EU beta 01 atm, jump on mumble & ask for a invite. someone should be on to invite you
  11. PS2 Application - Dunc

    Homeworld ----------loved it, so different i like him
  12. Thooms - PS2

    heya there, one of the admin team will be around you give you the ins & outs