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  1. Application :D

    Basically anything to do with PVC or glass i fit and supply it :D
  2. Application :D

    Well im from Birmingham Currently based in Tamworth, Work for a family buisness as a venastration engineer Love mountian biking like my all time favourite thing apart from gaming of course ;) I also like long walks on the beach and the friend who told me about you guys was Acubane met him in wow played with him since Play on horde - The maelstrom
  3. Real name: Alex Sadler Gaming name: Narrui/spikex/dogx Location: United kingdom Age:21 Games played: WoW, LoL ,GW2, CSGO,Dark Souls, Refferal: A friend told me about you guys and i was interesred from the moment he metioned you im pretty laid back guy but just look for some cool people to play with and have a laugh at the same time :D