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  1. dl* rides again!

    There's been some rumblings from the front lines, and it looks like a small detachment of dl* will once again be whomping TR face this Sunday. Get in the gal!
  2. PS2 Retirement

    It is with sadness, tinged with fond memories that we formally announce the retirement of our PS2 division. It was a great year, and fickle sods that we are, we knew it wouldn't last forever. Let's remember, over the course of that year we grew from a bunch of old timers into a major force on Miller, key member of the NCTO and awesome murder death team with our SBFs: WASP. We would formally like to thank everyone, but especially the Officers who provided the drive, enthusiasm and planning required, right to the end. There were efforts right up to the last day to ignite the phoenix (not the rocket launcher!), but it wasn't to be. For those of our members that are still playing, WASP have welcomed you with open arms. See these threads for info on joining up with WASP. It's important to remember that everyone is still welcome here. The banter, stupidity and passion for gaming are still alive and well here, and you are more than welcome to troll the forums* (*=no trolling), join in on mumble, and play one of the billion great games out there. This year will see Wildstar & Everquest Next (+Landmark), continuation of the MMO club, amongst many others. See you soon, and good hunting!
  3. It's time to stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! Boot camp awaits, refreshing the fundamentals needed to do the job right. Monday 19:30 BST (GMT+1) is the time, Auraxis the place!
  4. It's The End Of The World!

    This week, dl* brings you: flotillas of Flashes, Marauding Maxes, and LOADS of Lightnings as we wind down for Xmas! The full skinny is here, Ho, Ho, Ho!
  5. How To Get Sh*t Done, Son

    Friday 14th December, 20:00 UTC. This week's event is the return of the Bootcamp. We'll drill combat techniques to make us leaner, and meaner than ever, Full deets here
  6. Fri 30th Nov - 20:00 GMT (note this is slightly later than usual) This Friday is AMP station training night. We will be visiting a friendly AMP station and walking you through how to capture and defend these bases. Vasquez will be providing maps of every AMP station in the game and posting this before the event. Check back here to get yours as you may be asked to ALT + TAB to look at them during training. PLEASE REMEMBER to recall to warpgate 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  7. PS2 Release Inaugural Event!

    It's the first Friday since Planetside 2's explosive release! That means only one thing - we brave the queues and crashes to bring 30+ angry dl'ers to bear on the swarming boggle-eyed TR, and the fancy-pants, fish-head VS. Full deets here. Be on for 19:30 soldier!
  8. Real name: Tom Allen Gaming name: TomApt Location: Stoke-on-Trent (UK) Age: 25 Games played: A lot of everything apart from MMO's and DOTA's. Really getting into PS2 at the moment but enjoy games from the Total War series to Dark Souls, The Witcher, Tribes Ascend and way too many more to write up here. Referral: Saw your NC MAX vs TR MAX vid on the Command Centre and got looking into your youtube channel. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a fairly easy going guy, don't mind a bit of banter and I'll make an effort to make friends with anybody with some VIP I'm very much a team player, I'm happy being in a support role if thats what the team needs and I often find myself being the guy who switches to engi or guarding gen rooms, cap points and the like while the zerg runs off towards the flashy lights. Though I'm happiest as a heavy pushing round flanks, murdering the fools who stand in our way or advancing first under way too much tank fire and dying gloriously firing off a rocket or two :lol: I'm ok with taking orders and I'll do my best to get the job done. Just don't ask me to fly air support. I rate myself as a just about competent pilot :P I'm a twilight shift worker so expect me to be online from 2pm-4pm and 4am till sleeping happens (7ish)
  9. ***BREAKING NEWS*** 1GB patch just landed - GET PATCHING! ***BREAKING NEWS*** This Friday starting at 7pm (8pm CET) will be our first official outfit night in Planetside 2! More details here, but basically it's a return to what we were feared and respected for in Planetside 1 - precision, organised teamwork that got the job done right! Expect organised squads, solid leadership and a night of awesome war stories. Get patched, get online on time, and GET IN THE F***IN GAL!!!