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  1. SWToR - Ravagers Ravaged

    WOOP WOOP! Tonight an intrepid group of DL's finest banded together and knocked down the final boss of The Ravagers! We bested the mutinous Coratanni and forced her to flee in an escape pod, we killed Pearl the ship's parrot (and first class A-hole), then finally we "aggressively persuaded" the backstabber Ruuger to go down with the ship: Ravagers down, next on the menu is The Temple of Sacrifice and the final encounter with a character many of us first met over 12 years ago: Darth Revan. Congratulations to Darth Hel, Grippa, Endzone, Beany, Fei, Tuatha, Spanky and Blue! SWTOR night will return next Monday starting at 2030 UK time!