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Real name

Tom Godkin

Gaming name



London, UK



Games played

Most CoDs up to the first Modern Warfare, BF1942, BF3, all Halos (excluding Halo 4).



Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?

I have around 13 years experience in FPS games, relatively new to Planetside 2 but as you know the skills are completely transferable. I am not afraid to be on the front line and will not put my own survival ahead of the unit. I will follow orders immediately even if I do not agree with them and can react independently when given no orders. Mostly in games like this I have preferred support roles (such as medic), I can switch if necessary.


I have experience as an officer in a BF3 clan, leading two squads simultaneously.

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Great name!  We're doing well for random monikers atm  :)


You can try and grab an officer for an invite in game. Message: Meurig, FeiXue, Pont, Vasquez58th, Kira, EmitzDevil, Mawdrigen, Axler, LexX or HudsonLv426 and they will be able to sort you out with an invite.

I would also ask that you make sure your name is the same on the forums, in mumble and in game. At least while we get to know you. It's proving hard to get to know people otherwise!

You will be marked as a triallist for a few weeks, after which time an admin will have a word to see how you're getting on.

Until then, make yourself at home on the forums, jump on mumble and enjoy!

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