Application from myself.

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Real name: Daniel B
Gaming name: Dangad (Dungad on Miller EU)
Location: North West England
Age: 25

Games played: MOH:AA (also Spearhead) around 3/4 years in a competetive clan.

                          Call of Duty (the good ones :). Pre Modern Warfare) roughly 6 years competitively and as a team leader.

                          Battlefield 2 and 3 around 8 months a piece. 

                          World of Warcraft around 5 years in a end game raiding guild.

Referral: Googled NC outfits, found your forum post advertising and I liked what I read.
Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?:


Well as you can see Ive been a gamer for a long time (around 11 years in total, mainly fps). Got back into it recently and decided to give PS2 a go, been playing for about a month and Im really enjoying. Especially when playing in an organised platoon.


Having been a team leader myself, I understand the importance of teamwork, I have recently gotten fed up of trying to find any decent public platoons as it is nigh on impossible on most evenings. I just want to find a regular group of people who have a similar attitude, but are able to have a bit of laugh at the same time.


Ill check this page as often as I can but If you want to get hold of me quickly then its proabably easier to drop me an email on thedangad@hotmail.com.


I look forward to a response! :)

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Welcome! :)


An admin will drop by soon to take a look at your application.

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Welcome :) 

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Welcome Dan!


Tying to lead the zerg alone?  Such willpower!


You can try and grab an officer for an invite in game. Message: Meurig, Pont, EmitzDevil, Mawdrigen, Axler, Kaldun, LexX, or Lord Mondando and they will be able to sort you out with an invite.

I would also ask that you make sure your name is the same on the forums, in mumble and in game. At least while we get to know you. It's proving hard to get to know people otherwise!

You will be marked as a triallist for a few weeks, after which time an admin will have a word to see how you're getting on.

Until then, make yourself at home on the forums, jump on mumble and enjoy!

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Thanks guys. Have to say I'm having a lot of fun so far. Just the kind of people I wanted to play with. You may see me around for a while :).

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