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Shmexy, Warrior- Zhur

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Real name: Abdulla Haji
Gaming name:  Shmexy

Faction Dominion
Location: U.A.E. Abu Dhabi
Age: 22 
Games played:

- Warcraft 3,


-All the Diablo game.,

-all the Halo games discluding Halo Wars,

-Warhammer online, Got Holy Warrior to 40 and played abit before the game died.

-Warhammer Space Marine.

-Bioshock 1&2

-the Duke Nukem series including the last one that came out (disappointing me big time).

-MetalGear Series.

-World of Warcraft Since vanilla, Never got to properly raid in vanilla but picked up and made up for it in TBC and onwards, Stopped recently because the game just kept going downhill and to casual friendly.

-FFXIV, Got a bard lvl 50 and Paladin didn't raid much since my guild ditched me for someone els

-Demonsouls,Darksouls 1&2, 

-Monster Hunter 1-4 bought the Japanese 3DS so i can play MH4,

-Wolfenstein Series,




-MediEval never could forget this game it was the most amusing and still is

I could go on listing but basically i have been playing games since N64 and PS1


Game Preference: PVE 



Referral: Typed on Google Raiding PVE guild Zhur Dominion
Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I've always been a trust worth guildi in WoW Lead afew raids as an officer couple of times was given class leader for Shaman and im always fair, and another reason is i like playing wildstar especially with the community and the game is abit challenging and that is what i missed most of all in games the sheer difficulty of the games that made you throw yourself off your balcony afew times.

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Hello m8, great app.  2 things:


  1. We're on the Contagion server, not Zhur!
  2. Which link was it from Google?  We clearly need to update it!

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