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UnderDogSH - Application - Wildstar - 50 DPS Engineer

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Real Name: Andrew Mangham


Gaming Name: Deltharos/UnderDogSH


Location: UK, Doncaster born & bred then turned traitor and moved south to Poole.


Age: 26


Games Played: Started with opening doors on Doom while sat on my dads lap watching him play. Since then i've played pretty much every game you have heard of. Notable multiplayer games:

a lot of CS:Source, Gears of War, CoD:4 , WoW{from release to downing Lich King, Guild Officer and Main Tank), League of Legends & Smite. Currently Playing Wildstar as a DPS Engineer, hit level 50 last week and before that I played Smite.


About Me: Power gamer but with a wicked sense of humor which balances me out. Usually play every day between 7-12pm apart from Mondays. I play every genre of game as well as tabletop war games & D&D. Really enjoy games with a difficult ruleset & the need for a social group. Taken a couple years break from multiplayer community games but wanting to get back into with the release of Wildstar. I work as a Software Developer. I'm 100% on on the side of Dogs being mans best friend. I spend way way too much money on Video Games and Warhammer. I also have an obsession with Westerns & Samurai movies


Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Er...... because i'm awesome!!! I'd like a shot at seeing if I will fit in with your community. I'm always up for a laugh, have a chilled out approach to life and will play a variety of games as its more about the people you play with instead of the game your playing. 


Referral: Wildstar Forum post.



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Welcome Deltharos


Thank you for the application your mention of Smite will definately perk the ears of a lot the guys around here as we have quite a gathering of players. We are currently getting geared for Vet Dungeons and going through the attument process so you have joined at the right time :)


You're marked as a Triallist for the first few weeks whilst we get to know you, after this period an admin will have a word to see how you're getting on.


Please feel free to browse and post in the forums, and dont forget to jump onto Mumble voice server.

I would also ask that you make sure your name is the same on them forums, in mumble and in game. At least while we get to know you. It'sproving hard to get to know people otherwise!

Other than that please make yourself at home and  welcome to dl*

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Welcome Andrew! Smite smite smite! Be sure to jump on mumble and join in on some games there's always people in the smite channel.

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