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Extrabagslots - Spellslinger [wildstar]

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Real name: Greg

Gaming name: Extrabagslots or Grogolog

Location: England

Age: 19

Games played: WoW (long time ago), Dota 2, CS:GO, Eve online, bit of dayz now and again

Referral: Met a few of your guys in a dungeon running circle and you seems cool/active

Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I think ill be a valuable member because I can take criticism well I think and use it to improve, and I have no problem getting groups together and leading events etc if nothing is going on as I've done a fair bit of that in EvE. I don't tend to rage much at all so you won't have to worry about me cussing out people over TS if they mess up and I'm happy to help people along if they need some guidance. 

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Welcome Extrabagslots


Thanks for the application glad you decided to give us chance and look forward to seeing you in game :)


You're marked as a Triallist for the first few weeks whilst we get to know you, after this period an admin will have a word to see how you're getting on.

Please feel free to browse and post in the forums, and dont forget to jump onto Mumble voice server as it's probably the quickest way of getting hold of someone to get an invite to the outfit. You can also Contact, Vorak, Vale Thandrior, Gukek, Gizmonaut, Lovepuff,Tipner,beany


I would also ask that you make sure your name is the same on them forums, in mumble and in game. At least while we get to know you. It's proving hard to get to know people otherwise!

Please keep and eye on the Raiders arm Forum in the wildstar section it is where all weekly events are put up for the guild, no better place to find a group to spend and evening gathering loot.

Other than that please make yourself at home and  welcome to dl*

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Heh. I've seen you around the banks and never paid attention to your level. Always just assumed you were a mule alt (which was probably the idea!).


Anyway, welcome to dl* :)

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