How to Apply to Digital Legion

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To fill out your dl* application please follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account on this website. Please try to use your in game nicks, it gets really hard to get to know you if you're using a different name on the forum, in mumble and in game...!
  2. Start a new thread in this forum with your gaming username as the title, follow the template below replacing the Italic words with your information!
  3. Wait for the replies and try to answer any follow up questions as best you can!

Once you become a fully fledged member of dl* , you can wear our tags, gain access to the rest of the forums and get access to our VOIP server.



The Digital Legion Application Template:


Real name: Your real name here

Gaming name: Your in-game name (Really helpful if you use your PS2 name here.)

Location: Where abouts do you live (Which country is enough)

Age: Your age

Games played: What games do you play/have you played?

Referral: How did you discover Digital Legion?

Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Please tell us how you can make yourself a valuable member of our community

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Just a friendly reminder from the boss;


We're a community of gamers and friends. The application process is in place to help us recruit friendly people. It all starts with the written application, so it is here you should be trying to make a good first impression.


Our admins will not accept simple replies like, "I'm an active player" - all this tells us that you found the 'on' button on your PC ;)


Tell us about yourself, what you like about gaming, why you're looking for a guild/clan and so on. I doesn't have to be too intensive, just give us an idea of what to expect from you. Feel free to read other applications and look for positive feedback to get an idea of what we're looking for.

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