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[GW2][18/09] Guild Dungeons Night

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Right you lot!! Its time we started guild event nights and we will start with Dungeon runs all evening from 1800 BST onwards this Tuesday!.


For those that dont know the end of the SP story has a dungeon that needs to be completed - there are also a number of other dungeons in the game that can be run in story mode and the explorable routes for each dungeon that provide a different challenge:



30 - Gain access to the first Dungeon of the game (Ascalonian Catacombs)

40 - Gain access to the second Dungeon of the game (Caudecus' Manor) -> the story mode on the is really short and a good exp/time reward

50 - Gain access to the third Dungeon of the game (Twilight Arbor)

60 - Gain access to the fourth Dungeon of the game (Sorrow's Embrace)

70 - Gain access to the fifth Dungeon of the game (Citadel of Flames)

80 - Gain access to the the last three Dungeons of the game (Crucible of Eternity, Honour of the Waves, Arah)


Those levels are for the story mode - the explorable modes are +5 level on the story mode requirement (except the level 80 ones obviously).


Main rewards for dungeons (both explorable and story mode) is the unique skin armour you will get access to - be warned though, the dungeons are surprisingly tough in a few places (but also face roll in many others). Dungeons are five man groups so ideally we will fill up a few groups - but if we need to pick up randoms to fill up one last group then we shall do that! Besides there's nothing like living on the edge by running with an unpredictable random player in an unforgiving dungeon!



A few quick notes:


* MUMBLE - not required but useful! Download details and login instructions can be found HERE. Even if you don't own a mic it can be useful to listen in. That said, none mumble uses are most welcome and we will cater to your needs :)


* This guild event is really not compulsory! - we aren't a hardcore raiding outfit, these nights will be an opportunity for community members to experience parts of the game that they might have missed out on otherwise. We will changes nights around so Tuesday wont always been Dungeon night so those who have reali life comment's every Tuesday will still be able to join in at a later date.

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