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  1. Xera!!! Excellent to have you back, good sir. I'm playing pretty much all of the games you've mentioned (although less so on the Diablo front recently....), so will no doubt speak to you soon ;)
  2. Personally, I can see the resemblance:
  3. Hey man, welcome along! Lots of fun stuff going on around these parts. Overwatch and WoW getting played a lot at the moment.... the WoW contingent have a Horde guild on The Maelstrom (EU) if you're interested!
  4. Damnit! How is it that Carty can make it to the LAN that I likely can't :(
  5. Well ello! We were chatting the other day about how he's got pretty frustrated that the people he normally plays games with weren't around as much any more, and there was a gaming-shaped void in his life. I thought to myself "I know a bunch of reprobates who may be able to help with that!" Welcome mate :)
  6. Aye, probably don't get a bloody word in edgeways ;)
  7. @Acu - spelling error methnks!!! Strangely enough I guessed what fenestration was. And the only reason, is that one of my favourite words in the Enlgish language is "defenestrate". Which means, literally, to chuck someone out of a window! I just love that we have a word for that. Anyway, welsome! :D
  8. Heh. "The Arthas Expansion" made me chuckle. Totally should have actually called it that :D
  9. Hi there! I don't suppose there's any chance you could give us a bit more information about yourself? If you're struggling for inspiration, have a look at some of the other applications posted in here. There are some corkers! We just prefer to know a little about everyone rather than letting in everyone! :D
  10. Hahaha. It goes without saying that I was joking ;) My humour is....shall we say... an acquired taste? But yeah, feel free to chuck my name in that hat too.
  11. Hey man, always nice to have new folk. Unless they're asshats. You aren't an asshat are you? :D
  12. I can think of a few of our members who are possibly large and pre-historical? Maybe thats what he meant? ;)
  13. Fuzz


    Thanks for posting this, I was just sitting down to review the Winter sale!
  14. Lots of you know James. James as in formerly of "demonicbunny" fame from The LAN Rooms, the Bierkeller, and many other such establishments. he recently purchased Battlefront, and I reckon we could always use more folks to play with! Welcome him you fuckers, that's an order. :D
  15. Will be there, again primarily as tank, but can also bring ranged or melee DPS if we have a surplus.
  16. The Original King of Aim has sadly faded into the ether, story goes he was so embarrassed at losing his prestigious title he spontaneously combusted. Personally, I think he took a dive into the Sarlacc pit at the thought of the shame he would bring upon his bloodline. This new O8 sadly doesn't have a fraction of his predecessor's Aim. Frankly, I've seen storm troopers with more Aim. Probably a good thing we don't have him on the team really.....
  17. And to think, I was specifically rude about you on command Ed, all for nothing!
  18. Somewhat late to the party seeing as I spoke to you on Mumble already, but welcome mate :D Also, if you're in the UK, you have no excuse not to come to our LAN :P
  19. Much better mate, watchable now! :D
  20. Sorry steff, I can't watch your streams/videos for more than 30 seconds, as the incessant keyboard button spam in the background is sooooooo fucking annoying! You've gotta do something about that, it totally ruins your streams etc.
  21. Oh, also, could someone chuck him a Crew invite on GTA please! His char name is w00t3rs
  22. Awesome. I've known Spanks for about 13 years now, and I now work with him too. He's ace, and 100% belongs here :)
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