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Found 20 results

  1. Dates for this week's Adventures & Dungeons have been posted, with a distinctly "we're nearly all attuned, w0007!" air. Sign up here...
  2. Real Name: Chris Gaming Name: Outset (I use StabbyMcStabStab on Hazak-EU) Location: United Kingdom Age: 22 Games Played: I have played plenty of MMORPGs including Runescape, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, World of Warcraft, RIFT, Aion, Firefall and Wildstar. I have also played several other competitive games actively including League of Legends, World of Tanks and most notably StarCraft II (where I hit Diamond League 1v1 on EU and NA.) Most of my MMO experience is casual. It was only in WoW that I really got into the raiding scene. I played Hunter DPS, Death Knight tank, Paladin healer, Warrior tank and Warlock DPS as part of the raid roster of several guilds between 2006 and late 2013 when I finally quit the game over the direction it had taken since Cataclysm and Mists. I even led two (failed) raiding guilds and was the raid leader/officer of another on Turalyon-EU back in 2009 called <Death Dancers>. Referral: Spoke to VimBlast in game. He referred me to this site to make an application. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion? I am perfectly aware of what makes a good raider. Determination, preparation, execution and the willingness to follow orders without question. I would make the perfect addition to your roster because I can and have met all these qualities. When I have the time to raid which is usually every evening and night, I am determined to put as much work and effort into the game as possible. I actually put many hours a day into <Death Dancers> back when I was raid leader, often for minimal progression but a lot of that was due to reasons outside of my control. I am also quite good at preparing for raids. It was something I did in a number of WoW raiding guilds, even as a raid leader in several others. I read up extensively on boss tactics, practice my rotation, farm any necessary flasks, potions and other consumables needed to boost my stats up and look into how best to min/max my character. Execution is something I am rather good at. Through 3 years of playing SC2 on and off, I drove myself up from Bronze to Diamond League through deliberately practicing build orders, unit micro and specific matchups to gain a greater understanding of the game and a higher winrate on ladder. This is something I've also applied to MMOs in the past both as a raider and as a raid leader. There is something pretty satisfying about clearing bosses with an undergeared group, especially ones like Nightbane, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim and Freya, which are five of my more memorable boss kills in respective guilds. From experiencing WoW in a leadership and raider role and from speaking to gamer friends who have had experience leading teams in games like League of Legends and World of Tanks, I fully understand the importance of following orders without question which is absolutely essential for raids. It is something I am more than willing to do. I am happy with either playing a Stalker DPS or Tank in the endgame. TL;DR: I am determined and willing to prepare for Veteran Dungeons and Genetic Archives. I don't back down from groups over trivial things like a small string of wipes, and
  3. In this week's Nexus News: Back to Hazak! Carbine have deigned to give us free transfers back to our original home, Hazak. It's not a complicated procedure, but there are a few things to bear in mind, so hop on to Mumble and ask your fewllow guildies when you're ready to ship out. Big Bad Boss Brawl! Saturday night this week sees a rading party stomp across Nexus getting the final attunement step for those that want it. If you have silvered your Vet Dungeons, it's time to join us and get Raid Ready! Even if not, fun, loot and cash will await you, so sign up here..
  4. So it's a fresh new month, with a whole new host of goals to acheive for attunement. Last month saw us breeze through Vet adventures, gear ourselves as best we could and make a great start on getting silver dungeons. Lets' see if we cant make this the final push for raiding! Get yer signups in here
  5. Get booked in for this week's events list right 'ere
  6. Real name: Jarno Gaming name: Sotomichi/Saivion/Dartan Location: Finland Age: 28 (OMG) Games played: World of Warcaft more than 4 years. Age of Conan for a year or so. The Secret World for sometime and same For Elder Scroll Online. Battlefield for years. Referral: Speedium told me to apply Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: Ever since I started to play MMOs, over 10 years ago, I haven't found any long lasting or solid group to play with. And guess what? You guys (and girls??? (is there girls on the internet??)) are gona fill that spot! I am PVP oriented player with experience of healer, tank and damage dealer. I started with Warrior in WoW, and was epic. Played PVP with fury spec and totally ruined all those warlocks game in Alterac Valley but its long gone now. Then I swapped for Paladin and played 3vs3 arenas as healer. In Age of Conan I was our guilds PVE leader, and in my lead we cleared first 3 raids. But back to question why me? I can offer casual support for any guild activity available. Ofcourse I can't play as much as I want these days, real life first, but when I am there, just ask and I will lend a hand or two. In real life I work as IT-support. Ride motorbike. Hunt all kinda things. Lift weights like a pro. And last but not least proud father of 1,5 years old son. If this application left anything to ask, please feel free. With all my greasy love -Sotomichi-
  7. Real name: Lasse Borg Gaming name: Hunter Location: Norway Age: 20 Games played: World of Warcraft, Star wars the old republic, Tera, Guild wars 2 and Wildstar. Referral: Through a very pleasant advice chat on Wildstar. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I like to play Wildstar, and i love to be a part of a community. It brings a new and fun element to the game and its a good way to meet new people.
  8. The schedule for this week's fun, frolics and EPOC LOOTZ is up and here. Get your slot booked and good hunting!
  9. Real name: Sebastian Jarling Gaming name: Zhaitan Location: Germany Age: 22 Games played: Aion, League of Legends, Planetside 2, Silkroad, Wildstar, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Minecraft Starbound, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3... and a lot more games, with no noteworthy playtime^^ Referral: Discovered digital Legion while searching for a good PVE/PVP legion in the wildstar forum Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm not a pro gamer, but i actually know what i'm doing in MMORPG's and always try to succeed. And of course i'm searching for a guild in wildstar to do adventures/dungeons/raids and PVP, doesn't matter if rated or not. All in all I just look forward to find a guild like i had in Aion, where you can do things together and help each other. There is only 1 thing left you have to know, my english isn't the best as you can see above... and i don't like it to speak over TS3, skype or something else. Of course i will join you for raids, dungeons etc. but i really don't like it to speak there.... shyness.... :D
  10. The 3 judges, Vorak, Gizmonaut & Beany had a hell of a time judging the abodes of our fine contestants. There were some incredibly strong entries in the competition from Tuatha, Sitrie and Optimalised, but in the end, winners had to be chosen: Grand Prize Winner went to Helrain - his plot is perfection - a great vision, backed up with an eye for detail, loads to see and do, as well as tantalising secrets! Hel wins a huuuge stack of Architecture crafts to make his plot even cooler, as well as a unique forum title and an EPIC weapon for the Hudson Foundry. Second Prize went to Hamstax - his gloomy gothic really got to the judges. Tucked away in some detailed woods is a hedge maze, gloomy greenhouses, an immaculately decorated house, and...a skate ramp! Hammy wins a pile of Architecture goodies. Third prize went to Tipner - his happy plot stood out, and made the judges hearts sing! There's so much to see and do, as well as some seriously desirable digs. He gets some goodies too to make it an even nicer place to stay. Thanks to everyone for taking part, and we'd love to see some more dl* cribz in the future!
  11. Friday 8pm BST Ready your armour, Sharpen those swords, polish those guns! it's another dungeon run extravaganza click the clicky to find out the details you lovely dungeon running masochists.
  12. Real name: Johnathan Tate Gaming name: Kurzan Location: England Age: 24 Games played: In terms of mmo's iv played WoW, Guild Wars, Warhammer, Age of Conan and Planetside 1 and 2 and now of course Wildstar. I also enjoy plenty of other games and love a good RPG. Referral: Looking for guilds that suited my interestes on the Wildstar forums. Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a friendly and active person who wants to get the most out of the game so I will be participating in guild events where I can. I want to enjoy every aspect so I plan to pvp, pve, raid etc. I'm helpful towards other players and like to lend a hand where I can and give advice. I think by joining this guild i'll get a lot more fun out the game but i'm already enjoying it thouroughly! Basically i'm just wanting to get stuck in where I can and meet some likeminded people.
  13. Real name: Mike Gaming name: Shamra in Wildstar (PROJECT everywhere else) Location: UK Age: 25 Games played: Wildstar Referral: Guildex Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I main a healer Medic, and am looking for a guild to PvP with mainly, will do some of the endgame PvE if needed. I think I would be valuable from an in game perspective, and just like to take part in whatever's being talked about on Mumble. I work from home, so play often, I'm a very active gamer looking for a new group of friends on my new favorite game. I'm a mod developer, I created the original , as well as contributing to some similar mods in Wildstar. Not gonna lie, I just want competent people to PvP with, in return, you will get a very experienced and skilled gamer, making sure you stay alive long enough to do what you gotta do.
  14. Real name: Nabil Gaming Name: Xalyth Location: Saudi Arabia (Actually I'm lebanese who used to live in Paris but accepted a job here :P Complicated ! ^^) Age: 27 Games played: World of Warcraft since beta - all extensions except cataclysm - cleared about everything in each, Elder Scrolls Online (stopped playing after testing the trials because of my disappointment.. That's why I'm here with some friend who will surely will join me shortly by applying =) ) Referral: Saw your thread on one of the WildStar's official forums. Why me: Well, I've been in MMOs since 2005. I've been a GM, Raid Leader, officer in several guilds. I'm used to well organised and disciplined guild so we are sure, my friends and I, to meet your requirements. =) I'm (actually we are) looking for a guild with a solid organisation and a friendly community with the intent of clearing the end game PVE and also who's interested in PVP. So we know your guild is the one we are looking for ! One last thing, is that I intend to stream on twitch. I've been streaming for 9 days on The Elder Scrolls Online and managed to gather 60 followers so far =) So still new ! But ambitious enough to go all the way if you're interested in streaming your events ! Hope to hear from you guys soon ! See you in game Xalyth
  15. Real name: Mike Gaming name: Robobama Location: Paris, FR. though originally from Philadelphia in the US Age: 26 Games played: WoW vanilla and BC, other misc crap that didn't hold my interest in the end Referral: saw something on the Contagion forums Why me: Back in BC, I was the main tank (and eventually raid leader/GM) for a small raiding guild. We mostly did 10 man stuff and were just getting into 25s, but ended up parting ways around when WotLK came out and people lost interest. I'm working on an engineer tank now in Wildstar with the hope of doing endgame PvE, time permitting. I'm generally pretty laid back as far as gaming is concerned. I'm more in it to have fun doing some group content, make stupid jokes in chat and probably have a couple of beers during the raid or instance or whatever. I'm not the guy sitting there berating the priest who's died 3-4 times in a row because he is too lazy to dodge orbs on void reaver. No matter how stupid he is.
  16. Real name: Jayson or (Jay) Gaming name: Raiyne Location: England Age: 18 Games played: WoW, SWTOR, (Many steam games & old stuff such as Star Wars battlefront...etc) Referral: The Wildstar Forums, I was looking to transfer from Hazak Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I'm a friendly guy the only requirement I have is cookies and cake, that's the main aspect to anything. I tend to have a humorous approach to everything as I really enjoy having a good banter with people which transfers over to my love of PvP It's highly amusing to have competitions such as top damage or top kills in battlegrounds with friends & "guildees". In many MMO's I like to play with a competitive attitude (winning isn't everything but giving it your all is satisfying). In recent years however I've decided to become some kind of "fount of knowledge" with games, as I'm interested with the theory side of playing such as managing a UI or just the locations of things (Handy really :p). I enjoy helping people it's sort of what I do as a pass time, most notably I help my best friend out as she recently discovered I knew how to paint! Low and behold she asks me for another "artist's impression" on her own creations. That's all there is to it in a small little app, feel free to ask me any questions relating to ingame and out of game (such as hobbies) I fear I don't want to go too much into detail in this App so I'll keep it short and sweet! :) Poke me any time about queries or about Bacon mmmh..Bacon..
  17. It's like an eterntity now. The tick-tock of your clock as it counts glacially slowly down to May 31st, 08:01 BST. To try and alleviate some of the pain, here's some suggestions of how to fill the time: Read Thandrior's Beginners Guide To... so that you're primed for launch day Theorycraft your perfect build on WS-Base Discuss how awesome dl* is here, here, here and here Read up on how Carbine has made this a game to last and savour Choose your favourite mount (see below) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEMVPyk5i0Q Play other games! Wolfenstein: The New Order is out today Watch Dogs, out 27/5/14 Transistor out 30/5/14
  18. Good news everyone! Hudson survived the carnage that was 'Name Protection Tuesday', and Digital Legion will roam Nexus again!
  19. So, after much deliberation, and a fair bit of...persuasive talk...the votes are in for the new dl* Wildstar logo! *drum roll* It's Image N! *raptorous applause*
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