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  1. Hey, Yes school just started so i had to prepare stuff so i didn't get to play PS2! I'll be online tonight and on Friday :P I got Trainign tomorrow so don't know if I'll be online then... Hope to see you soon on the Battlefield! :)
  2. Haha Sea :D Well I still got one week of vacation so I'll use it to play PS2 But then I'll work hard in school ^^
  3. Well then, I like the size of PlanetSide2 and that Teamwork is important, because i borrowed some FPS from my friend since i usualy don't play them, it was just a mess everyone was just minding his own buissness. And it's ok for me to work with people which are way older than me :D and i think i am mature enough. I think the only problem would be time since i still have to go to school. If it's ok that i don't play every day of the week! :D Oh and please remember that i am German so soem words may be spelled wrong, sorry 'bout that! I'm looking forward :) and i'll buy me a new Headset soon...
  4. Hello! Real name: Collin M. Pedigo Gaming name: Retrostyl3r Location: Heidelberg, Germany Age: 15 Games played: PlanetSide2 never played any MMO else Referral: Through PlanetSide2 Beta Forum (Fionny replied to my Topic) Why should you be a member of Digital Legion?: I follow orders and don't question them :D I hope i fit into here! :) -Retrostyl3r
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